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The most common popular image of the prophet is that of the lone voice crying in the wilderness, speaking to the community on behalf of God: “Thus says the LORD.” We often miss the other side of the coin, the image of the prophet speaking to God on behalf of the community. But both roles […] Read More

We cannot truly understand the biblical prophets without pausing to reflect on the idea of divine anger without prejudice. No matter how foreign or familiar this concept appears to contemporary readers, divine anger was a consuming reality for the biblical prophets and their audiences. The reality of divine anger was, and remains, a largely unquestioned […] Read More

The prophetic performances of the classical Hebrew prophets have been collected in a series of scrolls. Written texts were simply the Iron Age’s version of a recording device. All manner of oral performances – stories, priestly teachings, songs, prayers, traditions that they claimed had been originally spoken by Moses – were translated through the, then, […] Read More

Our subject is nothing less than that brilliant fusion of divination and imagination known as classical Hebrew prophecy in which a succession of folk performers over the course of two centuries (about 740-540 B.C.) turned God into a poet. What do I mean by the phrase “folk performers”? The Hebrew prophets were performers, not authors. […] Read More

The Calling of the Prophet

Sermon delivered by Joel Snider, pastor of FirstBaptistChurch in Rome, Ga., on January 17, 2010. Isaiah 6:1-8   Meditation Text: The Bible and saints who have gone before us give ample evidence of God’s consistent call to each of us.  The Bible and the saints who have traveled this road before us also make clear […] Read More

The late Baptist ethics professor Henlee Barnette contended that his friend and mentor Clarence Jordan stood in the tradition of a biblical prophet. In the very first chapter of Clarence Jordan: Turning Dreams into Deeds, Barnette offered a compelling definition of an authentic prophet and claimed convincingly that the definition applied to the founder of […] Read More

Pundits and politicians are hurling around the term false prophets, making one wonder if the term is the newest way to smear an opponent with a negative religious image. Are all our opponents false prophets? What really is a false prophet? Seeking to deflect criticism from Sen. Barack Obama’s 20-year relationship with his pastor, Rev. […] Read More