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Prison Ministry

Even though Scripture tells us to remember the prisoners, the church has washed their hands of that command. How do we turn that around? Here are 7 ways you and your church can begin to remember those in prison. […] Read More

The first public speech of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel, an adaptation of Isaiah 61:1-2, declares his calling to “proclaim freedom for the prisoners.” In one of his final public speeches in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus identifies himself with, among other groups, people in prison – “I was in prison and you came to visit me.” While […] Read More

My sister shared a moving testimony last week concerning what she witnessed at a recent funeral service. The deceased was an elderly woman who had committed her adult life to prison ministry. Sister Eva’s pastor shared, “I noticed that Sister Eva was only at worship service a few times a month. When I asked her […] Read More

“I know you wonder if all the conversions are real,” Joe said to our church council. He was right. The number of conversions reported by our prison minister (he was a part-time, contract minister) was amazing. “Even if one-tenth of them are real, this is worth it,” Joe declared. Legendary are the jailhouse conversions. Skeptics […] Read More

Incarceration is, by definition, a problem because its reason for being is a response to behavior outside the legal norms of a society. It is also an arena for many “problems within the problem” because of the challenges inherent in its application and management. Studies show the clear and well-known correlation of such factors as […] Read More

Nearly unanimous support exists among U.S. Protestant churches for ministry to persons during incarceration and upon their release, but few make it a priority, according to a LifeWay Research survey. “Eighty-three percent of pastors have visited a correctional facility. And almost all believe churches should help families of those incarcerated (97 percent) and provide care […] Read More

What issue has continued to transcend Washington’s partisan gridlock? Reforming the criminal justice system. Folks on both sides of the aisle agree that it is broken, and they are finding significant agreement on how to correct the numerous failings. has focused regularly on this topic in the past several years, highlighting the faith community’s […] Read More

Three documentaries that aired this summer are coming back for an encore on an expanding network focused on African Americans. Documentaries on prisons, racism and immigration – all hot-button issues in the news – will air in December on Soul of the South Network (SSN), headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. announced in June […] Read More

Arkansas’ Catholic, Lutheran and Episcopal bishops and other judicatory leaders are calling people of faith across their state to remember an often-overlooked group: prisoners. In a letter issued by Interfaith Arkansas (IA), they wrote, “There is a great need in Arkansas prisons” and noted “that government programs are insufficient to help them successfully re-enter society […] Read More

“Through the Door,”’s documentary on faith and prisons, will be screened during the Baptist General Convention of Texas’ annual meeting with the hope that it will become a widely used moral education resource in Texas churches. Zach Dawes, managing editor at, will facilitate a screening of the film’s short version from 8:30-9:30 a.m. […] Read More