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Priesthood of the Believer

The laity and clergy were once equal partners in Baptist congregations. With the arrival of the megachurch and the CEO-pastor model, the influence of the laity has been in steady decline while clergy abuses have been on the rise. […] Read More

While prophecy means many different things to different people, every one of God’s people are called to speak truth even when it makes others uncomfortable. […] Read More

The priesthood of all believers is a vital tenet of the faith and often misunderstood. Simply put, it means every believer in the community is a full-time minister of the gospel, set apart for ministry. […] Read More

Some supporters of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina want to revise the organization’s “foundational statements” to delete traditional references to liberty of conscience and “soul competency.” They assert the priority and authority of the community in matters of faith.   Like the fundamentalists in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), communitarians within the Cooperative […] Read More

Supporters of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina (CBFNC) who cherish traditional Baptist principles will want to join a conversation currently under way regarding the organization’s “foundational statements.”   My guess is that many CBFNC supporters are unfamiliar with the document in question, a brief statement of identity, mission, values and virtues that is […] Read More