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Presidential Elections

Two campaigns inserted themselves into the U.S. political cycle on Sunday, both seeking to shake up the political scene in the run up to the 2020 election by returning civility and constructive dialogue to U.S. politics. […] Read More

As our American friends approach Election Day this coming Nov. 8, the rest of us around the world are holding our breaths as we consider the implications of that event on the country’s foreign policies. At a time when the question of Islam and Muslims in America has become so divisive, it would be easy […] Read More

Many Southern Baptist leaders appear to lean toward backing Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in the 2016 presidential campaign with the first votes just three weeks away. Because conservative evangelical voters play a particularly important role in early voting states like Iowa and South Carolina, Southern Baptist leaders are among those pursued by campaigns. […] Read More

The case of Sarah Palin is extraordinary in the history of American politics, even as it seems entirely ordinary in the history of American women. The case of Sarah Palin is extraordinary in the history of American politics, even as it seems entirely ordinary in the history of American women. Her stardom is all around […] Read More

“Purpose-Driven Life” author Rick Warren, who supported President Bush on the eve of the 2004 election, now says pastors should not endorse political candidates. “I don’t support anybody for president publicly,” the pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer July 22. “I never endorse. I never campaign.” Warren made a […] Read More

Former Arkansas governor and Baptist minister Mike Huckabee scored big in a Monday “values voter” presidential debate sponsored by and for social conservatives. Huckabee was the overwhelming favorite in a straw poll of delegates during a three-hour Values Voter Presidential Debate in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., broadcast on satellite TV and the World Wide Web. At […] Read More

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean told the National Baptist Convention last week in Philadelphia the tide is turning for faithful Democrats. “Democrats are strong people of faith and convictions, but for too long we have allowed others to define our values and what we stand for,” Dean said, according to excerpts of his remarks […] Read More

Presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama told a religious gathering over the weekend the Christian Right has “hijacked” faith to drive Americans apart and called for a renewed “politics of conscience” that bears moral witness to issues including poverty, healthcare and the war in Iraq. Speaking Saturday at the General Synod of the United Church of […] Read More

The recent Presidential Forum on Faith, Values, and Poverty was sponsored by Sojourners/Call to Renewal. The name given to the forum would lead one to think that the forum was going to focus on the way that the faith and values of the three presidential candidates who participated (Clinton, Edwards, and Obama) would influence their […] Read More

Presidential candidate John McCain invites readers on his Web site to create a bracket picking winners in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and compare their picks to his own. Four years ago the Republican senator from Arizona advocated a clear message that gambling on amateur athletics is wrong. “Get started to create your own bracket […] Read More