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Presidential Election

With the primary elections well underway and this week’s Super Tuesday results behind us, the US presidential election process is in full swing. Check out these 14 tentative conclusions on the US presidential primary process. […] Read More

Despite our heritage of religious freedom and the lessons of history, US Christians are quick to use legislation as a crutch to avoid accepting the personal responsibility we have been given. […] Read More

Our world that used to make sense, even though imperfect, seems more like the upside-down from “Stranger Things,” but it’s never too late for the prophets of truth to confront evil. […] Read More

The release of a new documentary, 498 columns written by 139 unique contributors from 23 U.S. states and 11 nations, 125 news articles, nine photo news stories, and two revised and re-released Bible studies. These figures represent some of’s 2016 initiatives, designed to provide a global perspective from goodwill people of faith on positively […] Read More

It finally came to an end. The 2016 presidential election was the most divisive, vitriolic campaign in modern history. Only those who voted for or against Grover Cleveland in 1892 would recognize the malicious nature of this campaign. Sixty percent of Americans said they were dissatisfied with the choices the two-party system gave to them […] Read More

Don’t assess an entire group based on its most extreme representatives. The principle, in brief, is this: Avoid stereotypes. This should be adopted as a universal “best practice” in how we view and assess others, yet too often it is applied selectively. For example, U.S. progressives have rightly asserted this principle with regard to terrorist […] Read More

I heard someone discussing the psychology of “moral elevation” recently. By that they meant that just as anger, disgust and depression can be triggered by reactions to negative things said and done by ourselves and others, so we can be affected in the positive direction by morally uplifting actions. The speaker went on to say […] Read More

The New Testament writers never seemed that concerned with who happened to be Caesar at any particular time. This may not seem like a big deal, but, besides the fact that Caesar had considerable impact on their lives, it’s in stark contrast with the Old Testament writers. To read the Old Testament is to be […] Read More

Calls for unity and civility, as well as prayers for elected leaders, were voiced by faith leaders following a contentious U.S. presidential election. Responses from Baptist leadership included: “It’s time we come together with winners showing humility and losers showing more of the same. Won’t get anywhere without it,” tweeted Doug Dortch, pastor of Mountain […] Read More

The best song of the year at the Country Music Association’s 2016 awards was “Humble and Kind.” It’s a timely, needed song for getting America back to basics after a bruising, nasty, disappointing presidential election. Let’s read the words. Let’s watch the video. Let’s sing along; let’s live the song. One treasured verse says, “Go […] Read More