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Conservative Christian leaders from across the nation met two months ago near the Dallas airport to strategize about replacing President Barack Obama with someone who matches their agenda – a move that paralleled an effort by Christian leaders in 1979 to defeat then President Jimmy Carter. About 40 conservative Christian leaders gathered in Dallas on […] Read More

Conservative Christian leaders are plotting against President Obama, hoping to do to him what they did to President Jimmy Carter: use their moral authority and organizations to remove a fellow Christian from the White House.   They have every constitutional right to oppose his policies. They have every right to continue their three-decade alignment with […] Read More

Former President Jimmy Carter created a political firestorm on Sept. 15 by charging that some of the opposition to President Barack Obama is due to continued racism in America. Although some politicians and commentators have dismissed Carter’s charge, a prominent African-American Baptist leader has praised Carter and his remarks. Carter acknowledged that there will be […] Read More

Jody Powell died on Sept. 14 of a heart attack. He was 65 years old. Powell and the late Hamilton Jordan were among the key architects of Jimmy Carter’s successful run for the White House in 1976. They subsequently became part of the “Georgia Mafia” that invaded Washington along with Carter. Powell served as the […] Read More

Shame on U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) for his outburst during President Obama’s address on health care to a joint session of Congress. Multiple media channels are reporting that Joe Wilson is the person who yelled, “You lie!” during President Obama’s speech on Sept. 9. Regardless of ideology or opinion, the president of the United […] Read More

In a full-throated attack on President Barack Obama’s forthcoming nationally televised speech to school children encouraging them to study hard, fundamentalist and Republican leaders smear the president with accusations of “indoctrination,” “brainwashing” and “cult of personality.” They compare his leadership to the Hitler youth leaders and Saddam Hussein.   “As far as I am concerned, […] Read More

If some of America’s most well-known conservative talk show hosts are not on the payroll of the Democratic National Committee, I believe they should be. Why would I aver such? As bizarre as it may sound, I believe they may be partially responsible for the election of our current president.   One would have to […] Read More

President Barack Obama spoke as a public theologian in Cairo, one who is confident enough in his own Christian faith to value Islam and to voice the common ground shared by those from the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition.   In a way, Obama gave muscular wings to the 2007 letter from Islamic religious leaders to Christian religious […] Read More

In light of the new “Star Trek” movie, President Obama has been tagged as our “first Vulcan president” because he comes across as a logical, cool, “no drama” person of mixed heritage. This is an interesting and fun approach, but I think that the president is really Sidney Poitier.   Although many young adults may […] Read More

On Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009, the day following the national holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I stood in the crowd of more than one million to watch as Barack Hussein Obama took the oath of office not only as the 44th president of the United States of America, but also the nation’s first […] Read More