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Do you see the world through race-colored glasses? Many folks rely on race to survive in the world around them. They can’t understand the world without its prejudices. If this is how you feel, I understand. I’ve been there. […] Read More

Fred Korematsu, born 100 years ago today, is increasingly becoming recognized as the civil rights hero he was. In 1942, he challenged the internment of 117,000 ethnic Japanese people, the majority of whom were U.S. citizens. […] Read More

While news of reprehensible things still shocks and unsettles most of us, we are undergoing a public desensitization, which will result in our merely noting, not decrying and crying over, these awful things. Lord, have mercy. […] Read More

Race and its progeny – prejudice, racism and stereotypes – are the elephants in our pews. It’s a jungle in here on Sunday mornings and more than a tight squeeze as we attempt to lift our hands in worship, to fold our hands in prayer, to grab the hand of our neighbor in fellowship. Let’s […] Read More

I thought that after two sermons that touched on the issue, and a column for, I could talk about something else, at least for a little while. My church, Elk Creek Baptist, holds an 8:30 a.m. service on church-owned property on Lake Anna in Louisa, Virginia. The water, trees and sky add to our […] Read More

All my life I have lived in Virginia, where dozens of battles were fought over whether we really believe we are created equal. There was plenty of death and destruction. None came close to ending the struggle that had already raged for two and one-half centuries. On Aug. 12, another century and a half on, […] Read More

Two questions were posed in the early 1970s to a handful of professional football players and coaches who were connected in some way to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes: 1. What do you think about racial prejudice? 2. Is there prejudice on your team or former team? Their responses, recorded on a set of index […] Read More

A picture in the news this weekend showed three white men holding black shields and black flags. It occurred to me that, though younger, they looked like me. Without their foolish garb, we could be mistaken as being very much alike. If I could hear them talk, we might even speak with a similar accent. […] Read More

“The most damaging idolatry is not the golden calf but enmity against the other.” The renowned anthropologist, Rene Girard, wrote that, and its truth is not easily admitted. Most of us like to believe that we are mature and big-hearted and that we do love our neighbors and are free of enmity toward others. But […] Read More

When Jesus is selecting his disciples in John 1:43-51, Philip is chosen and goes to recruit Nathanael. Philip says, “We have found the one that Moses and the prophets wrote about. He is Jesus, the son of Joseph from Nazareth.” To which Nathanael replies, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” “Come and see” is Phillip’s […] Read More