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As many evangelicals perpetuate Christian nationalism and seek access to political power today, they should recall the courageous stance of a Christian and GOP senator who prophetically spoke truth to power in 1973. […] Read More

The American lifestyle’s frantic pace leads inevitably to exhaustion. Healthy clergy will recognize that the church is often one of the culprits in the overfilled schedules of its people. Here’s what you can do about it. […] Read More

The church does not reign over the world anymore and cannot enforce its beliefs on others. That leaves the legal system of the United States as the only recourse for some, but that path carries a price. […] Read More

Disputes litter our lives. People backbite; politicians gaslight. Rather than hear the ugly truth, we pick up stones. In a world offering illusions at half price and selling wholesale deceptions, we must call for peace. […] Read More

Emergency. That was the word Alberto Mamani, president of the Bolivian Baptist Union, used to describe what was beginning to unfold in Bolivia. Early last month, as part of broader legislation meant to address human trafficking, Article 88, Paragraph 11, of the new penal code in Bolivia raised the possibility that inviting and helping facilitate […] Read More

I sat stunned, angry and brokenhearted after reading the horrific news: More than 300 people killed in a terrorist attack at a mosque in Egypt. I began the day by meditating on Psalm 16:11. “In your presence is fullness of joy.” Next, I spent some time meditating on Romans 14:17 about the righteousness, peace and […] Read More

I was in Myanmar last week with a group from Central Baptist Theological Seminary. We visited churches, the Kachin Baptist Convention, a camp for internally displaced persons, two drug rehabilitation centers, two theological schools and the Fountain of Love Orphanage. At each stop, a leader invited me to say words of encouragement and then offer […] Read More

It is interesting to notice how commonly political leaders now say – in regard to the victims of something like a natural disaster or the latest mass shooting in the U.S. – that “our prayers are with them.” I find myself wondering what this means. I do not decry the compassion and sympathy indicated by […] Read More

One of the growing concerns I have as a pastor attempting to lead and love in this current era is what seems to be a nation’s fading capacity to be shocked. Events and realities that would have left us aghast even one generation ago have tragically become normalized as a part of the daily news […] Read More

The disciples of Jesus noticed that he prayed a lot and that things seemed to happen when he prayed. Most of his disciples likely were raised with the Torah and understood prayers: morning and evening prayers, prayers of repentance, prayers of mourning and supplication, prayers of thanksgiving and joy. Yet, they wanted to see God […] Read More