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Prathia Hall

Prathia Hall said “living in the face of death” was “the most powerful expression of freedom-faith.” A new book tells how she followed God’s call to work for liberation for all people, even knowing the risks. […] Read More

I have been researching for the past six years the life and ministry of Prathia Hall (1940-2002), a civil rights activist, Baptist preacher and womanist scholar. Little did I know at the beginning of this journey that she would become a spiritual mother to me, continuing to inspire me about the real meaning of life […] Read More

Prathia L. Hall is one of those women I wished I had met somewhere along the way. I’m sure I would have been enthralled and moved to shout “Amen” by the force of her preaching. And I would have been excited to learn from her Bible teaching or scholarly lectures. If I had met her […] Read More