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Many Christians see our postmodern culture as a threat to the church’s well-being – something to be feared and something killing Christianity. That’s far from true. If anything, postmodernism will kill cultural Christianity. […] Read More

Perhaps it is time for those of us who call ourselves Christians to take a look at the calendar. Although it is 2009, many of us still function as if it were 1980 – or even 1955. In “American Churches in Crisis,” David Olson challenges the American church to engage three significant transitions:   Our […] Read More

What Is Postmodernism?

However you define or describe postmodernism, the reality of its growing impact on our culture and on the work of the church within our culture requires the church reaffirm its mission, re-think its strategy, and re-equip its membership for a new era. Simply put, postmodernity is the period that follows modernity. Prominent pastor and author […] Read More

Postmodernism means different things to different people. Some are so fascinated with current changes in social, artistic and intellectual life that they believe a new age has already dawned. Others are so frustrated by these changes that they deny the existence of any significant cultural shift. They think it’s only in the minds of ill-intentioned […] Read More

No one wants to be offensive. Least of all Christians, whom one might think would be the least displeasing people of all. Christians try to love their neighbors. What’s not to like? Nothing, if that were all there is to Christianity. But there’s also the belief that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way […] Read More