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Jesus is God in the flesh. This assertion opens John’s Gospel through the proclamation, “the Word became flesh” (John 1:14). Theologians use a $4 word to describe this process, referring to it as “incarnation.” That Jesus took on a human body is a basic assertion of Christmas, for which the Advent season anticipates and prepares […] Read More

Vernon and Gladys learned in early 1934, less than two years after they married, that she was expecting twins. Poverty, like swollen river flood water, was always lapping at the front door for this young, northeast Mississippi couple, causing Vernon to work extra odd jobs after farming with his brother, Vester. With no financial security, […] Read More

Some call it a modern-day Greek tragedy; others refer to it as the new normal for the country of Greece. Because my wife, Janice, and I moved to Athens, Greece, in 2005 and lived there for more than nine years and have many friends affected by it, we call it the number-one item in our […] Read More

When we founded PORTA–the Albania House in Athens, we chose its name for strategic reasons. Porta is found in both the Greek and Albanian languages, meaning door or gate. We knew that this word would help to open a larger universe of possibility for Albanians. We believed this title would assist us to communicate our […] Read More

It’s not at all uncommon to see death notices posted on the side of buildings on the streets in Athens, Greece. This is the remarkably economical and semi-efficient means by which a local neighborhood is notified of a death and the plan for memorial services at the nearby Greek Orthodox Church. But the death declarations […] Read More

Although Athens, Greece, is ordinarily the epitome of mild, Mediterranean weather, January and February are our cold months. Surrounded as we are by mountains, recent weather has been at the freezing point, with snow on the ground in the city. As the temperature went lower and the price of heating oil went higher due to […] Read More

Two lasting bequests from parents to children are roots and wings, according to clergyman Henry Ward Beecher. That thought has resonated with Bob and Janice Newell, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel in Greece, as they work with Albanian immigrants in Athens, hoping to be the presence of Christ in their lives. The Newells return to […] Read More

At PORTA – the Albania House in Athens – we’re all about giving. We give of ourselves, and we give nearly everything we do for free. There are many reasons for this. For one, as what Greeks call a “spiritual” center, we are not allowed to charge for our services. For another, our primary clients […] Read More