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Pope Francis

A man came asking for help while I was visiting with the church’s minister recently. He was not from London, but his wife had just been discharged from a local hospital following an emergency operation. They had nowhere to stay and no money for a hotel, so he was asking for cash to help them […] Read More

Pope Francis stressed that addressing the global refugee crisis requires an urgent, coordinated response based on four verbs: welcome, protect, promote and integrate. Fear, indifference and rejection of refugees is “rooted ultimately in self-centeredness and amplified by populist rhetoric,” he asserted during his Feb. 21 address at the International Forum on Migration and Peace. Citing […] Read More

Pope Francis recently denounced human trafficking in the strongest language, saying, “These are very grave crimes that hit the weakest of the weak.” Both Hebrew and Christian Scriptures remind us that God expects us to protect the most vulnerable among us. Today, sadly, these vulnerable people are among us as modern-day slaves, held in bondage […] Read More

A majority of U.S. adults across all categories continue to view Pope Francis favorably, according to the Pew Research Center. Eighty percent of Catholics hold a favorable view, compared to 72 percent of white, mainline Protestants and 53 percent of white evangelicals. Since his election, the pope’s favorability rating has trended upward – moving from […] Read More

Every election year, we see the influence of a demographic voting block, often pitched as a uniform and monolithic movement, called “evangelicalism.” Evangelicalism, a loosely defined subculture in American Christianity, rose to political prominence under the Christian Coalition in the late 1970s and has championed major reforms and legislation that transcend partisanship. Now, nearly 40 […] Read More

Pope Francis addressed the global migrant-refugee crisis in his speech to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See on Monday, urging a focus on human rights, global solidarity and compassion. The pontiff’s opening remarks stressed the importance of religious freedom and interfaith engagement for peaceful co-existence and the pursuit of the common good. “Every […] Read More

Is the Paris climate agreement an offer of “jam tomorrow,” to quote the White Queen’s offer in “Alice in Wonderland”? COP 21 sought to build on the agreement of the COP 17 “Durban Platform” adopted in 2011, which called for a legally binding international treaty in 2015 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the establishment […] Read More

The recently concluded Vatican Synod on the Family offered hints of some significant concessions on long-standing policies regarding the church’s sacramental ministry to divorced persons. Reports pointed to support for those measures by “progressive” bishops and cardinals, following the encouragement of Pope Francis to embrace mercy as a guiding principle. Those who opposed such changes […] Read More

At the end of the first visit of Pope Francis to the U.S., we should remember that his Holiness came to us by way of Cuba. And coming by way of Cuba, his travels might remind us of the shared historical experience of the U.S. and those Spanish-speaking lands south of the border, lest our […] Read More

If you live in Washington, D.C., New York City or Philadelphia, everything about your life patterns last week was altered by these words, “The pope’s in town.” We changed our commute times. We braved the crowds and packed public transportation like sardines to get a glimpse of the holy man. We saw “pope” memorabilia fill […] Read More