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With moneyed corporate interests seeking an opportunity to cash in on a federal government economic relief package, let’s remember what we can do to benefit the common good and the average citizen. Here are 4 ideas. […] Read More

Christianism, or politicized Christianity, expresses a troubling aspect of US religious and political life. And the move toward ‘Christian nationalism’ is one of the main ways Christianism has been apparent in recent years. […] Read More

Diverging from the national average, the number of white evangelical Protestants in the US with positive views of President Trump as honest and morally upstanding remains significantly higher than the public, a report said. […] Read More

‘Scandalous Witness’

The bad news of nationalism and partisanship has scandalized the good news of Jesus in today’s America. And Christians – both liberals and conservatives – have added to this demise of Christian witness, a newly published book says. […] Read More

In our society that’s committed to a politics of contempt, the election season is about to get nasty. How do we respond to our neighbors with a different political ideology? Let’s disagree vehemently with integrity and love. […] Read More

With the primary elections well underway and this week’s Super Tuesday results behind us, the US presidential election process is in full swing. Check out these 14 tentative conclusions on the US presidential primary process. […] Read More

Moral pathogens inhabit our sinful, finite and imperfect world, some more virulent than others. In a time of profound polarization, obeying God might require us to make a choice that scandalizes our own notion of moral absolutes. […] Read More

Don’t buy into the myth of neutrality. Like the COVID-19 virus currently sweeping many parts of the world, a social, political and moral rancor assaults the US body politic. And even many Christians have been caught in its grip. […] Read More

The Middle East Consultation, organized by the Institute of Middle East Studies, helps equip participants to respond in prophetic and Christ-like ways to the many challenges facing Christians and Muslims in and beyond the Middle East. […] Read More

Be afraid. While fear shouldn’t rule us, we should have reasonable fear of the reasonably possible. Reckless drivers, human-caused climate change or active shooters. And of government leaders turning our democracy into an autocracy. […] Read More