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Politics of Jesus

Secular, earthly partisan politics is a contest for power and hegemony, making it innately antithetical to the gospel and the teachings of Jesus who revealed God’s reign of love. We can’t be religious collaborators of the empire. […] Read More

The church should stay out of politics, some say. However, the practice of our faith carries political implications, often transformative ones, including these four examples when Christians stood up to political ideologies. […] Read More

One of the sad facts about Christianity in the United States is that many Christians are ignorant of the political nature of Jesus’ message. Preferring to see Jesus in only spiritual terms, and his message as only about salvation and heaven, we often miss the significance of Jesus as a political figure. I don’t mean […] Read More

Nearly every week I hear from readers with the complaint that I am writing politics under the guise of religious commentary. It’s a fair observation though I am almost tempted to say, “Yeah, but the other guy started it!” By the other guy I mean, of course, the current hyper-politicization of Christianity by the political […] Read More

Just over 30 years ago John Howard Yoder published his stinging critique of the image of Jesus that had become widely accepted in the academy and the church. The Politics of Jesus is as relevant today as it was in 1972. Scholarship in the last century regularly attempted to frame the Jesus story either in […] Read More