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Political Advertising

If you’re likely to listen to any political advertising and media coverage this campaign season, you better keep your dog nearby. The Pied Pipers of our political life have traded their flutes for dog whistles, and you will need Fido to help you discern the notes that are really being played. An editorial by Robert […] Read More

If you believe what Harold Ford Jr. and the Democrats are saying, Bob Corker is millionaire booster of big oil companies, was an irresponsible mayor of Chattanooga who allowed 911 calls to go unanswered, and made a practice of purposely hiring illegal immigrants in his construction business. If you believe what Bob Corker and the […] Read More

More “embedded” advertisements mean more susceptible viewers—and for the sake of honesty, the government should step in. So says a consumer watchdog group backed by Ralph Nader. Portland-based Commercial Alert, founded by Nader and Gary Ruskin, filed a complaint Sept. 30 with the Federal Communications Commission, asking the agency to investigate the practice of “product […] Read More