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A white police officer, convicted of killing a black man in his own home, is sentenced to 10 years. A deputy, who is a Sikh believer, is gunned down during a traffic stop. Am I naïve to think racial justice in the US is improving? […] Read More

Reforming policing practices is essential to addressing mass incarceration in the US, a report says. The arrest rate has seen a staggering increase starting in the late ’90s, with one out of three adults arrested by age 23. […] Read More

Communities in the U.S. in which many residents struggle in their daily lives and have little chance for social mobility are more likely to feel the criminal justice system discriminates against them, a report says. […] Read More

I was almost unable to write this article. Several weeks ago, I found myself in a terrifying encounter with a law enforcement officer in Mississippi. The day before the incident, I had conducted funeral services for my father-in-law, who was a retired Mississippi law enforcement officer. While the family slept, the following morning I gathered […] Read More

I criticized in a recent column the idea that Christians should not cooperate with the criminal justice system to the point that churches refuse to call police. That does not mean that churches should accept every aspect of contemporary ideas of crime and punishment, as they assuredly have so much that is useful and innovative […] Read More

Imagine you are part of a group of concerned citizens frustrated with Congress placing timetables on the military spending bill. Your group of mainly white, middle- and upper-class residents decides to hold a rally, partly to protest Congress’ recent actions but also to support the president’s handling of the war. You contact the police and […] Read More

President Bush has issued the first ban on racial profiling by federal law enforcement officers, with exceptions for preventing terrorist acts. The new policy, according to the Washington Post, covers about 120,000 officers at federal agencies dealing with law enforcement. Under it, officers cannot use “generalized stereotypes” based on race or ethnicity to nab a […] Read More

Police in Chicago have been told not to enforce a 100-year-old ordinance that bans public swearing, which critics say violates the right to free speech. A federal class-action lawsuit filed in March claims a city ordinance banning “indecent acts and words” is unconstitutional. City spokeswoman Jennifer Hoyle said the majority of police citations under the […] Read More

“Thirty-five … foot pursuit!” Moody called out on the radio as he ran. “What’s your 10-20 thirty-five?” asked the dispatcher. “Westbound on Hudson … 3500 block.” Moody continued to run, knowing that if he kept his eye on the perpetrator, he could outlast him, even though the guy had a head start. Moody saw his […] Read More