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As you travel through life, God extends an invitation to you to take a journey. A journey to meet the Risen Christ. When you take that journey, you have a plan to resist the darkness and shallowness of our current culture. […] Read More

I’m fascinated by pilgrimage. For me, the term connotes earnestness, persistence, solitude, inspiration and a touch of holiness. It’s rising above the mundane, shedding the constraints of banality. Pilgrimage is both dogged pursuit and quiet surrender. It’s estimated that more than 100 million people go on pilgrimage journeys annually. They leave their everyday lives for […] Read More

GALILEE, Israel (RNS) Perched on Tel Kinrot, a hill above the Sea of Galilee, Winston Mah turned his face toward the warm sun and took in the tranquil view before him. To his right, the Christian pilgrim from San Diego saw banana groves at the edge of the calm fresh-water lake; to his left, on […] Read More