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Personal relationship is the most common reason U.S. Protestant and nondenominational adults who attend church at least monthly donate to charitable causes, according to a LifeWay Research report published on April 17. Twenty-one percent of respondents said they donated because they “personally knew someone who worked at the charity” when asked what led them to […] Read More

Giving to religious organizations declined to 52 percent of U.S. adults in 2017, according to a Gallup report published on Dec. 21. This continues a 12-year trend. In 2005, a high of 64 percent of adults gave to religious charities, which declined to 59 percent by 2008, 55 percent by 2013 and 52 percent by […] Read More

The Baptist Center for Ethics and have been shining the light of the gospel for more than 26 years. As the world seems to grow darker from hatred, bigotry, war, violence, disease and other disheartening examples, BCE and seek to offer an ember of truth. There has never been a more critical time […] Read More

When is philanthropy problematic? This question has been on my mind in recent months as I’ve read books and watched films about three philanthropists who amassed wealth in dubious ways. 1. The case of Andrew Carnegie. “To the Stars through Difficulties” is a new book by Kansas author Romalyn Tilghman. I recently read Tilghman’s delightful […] Read More

Seven columnists have shared why they support financially They are pastors, professors, denominational leaders and a layperson. While each explained their support on different grounds, three themes kept surfacing – trust, reliability and resources. First is trust. “I believe and trust in the leadership and staff,” wrote Emmanuel McCall, pastor of the First Baptist […] Read More

My wife and I are blessed beyond measure to be able to give to worthy causes, especially during the Christmas season. We give our tithe and offerings throughout the year to our church, and that is our first priority in Christian financial stewardship. Beyond our church, we have chosen to support specific Christian endeavors. Some […] Read More

When Jesus needed to define for his disciples how to know who is a member of God’s reign, he said, “You will know them by their fruits.” Comparing people to trees, he asked, “Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles?” (Matthew 7:16). Ethics is what reveals our true commitments. We live by faith; […] Read More

Life is hard work. There are so many choices and questions. How are we to know how to live a good life? How can we understand our rights and our responsibilities? How are we to know what is right and wrong or what is good and bad? At its simplest, ethics is a system of […] Read More

I was starting my own coaching and consulting business several months ago when a friend gave me a little book by Bob Burg called “The Go-Giver” that introduced me to the “Law of Value.” The Law of Value states, “Your true worth is determined by how much you give in value than you take in […] Read More

I am not a sailor, and have no direct experience with it; but the features of sailing often occur to me as metaphors for life and the journey of faith. When I am asked why I support the Baptist Center for Ethics (BCE) /, a couple of these metaphors become quite important. Most of […] Read More