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Christians experiencing high levels of persecution rose 6% in 2019 to 260 million persons, a report said. The nations where Christians face the highest persecution are North Korea, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Pakistan. […] Read More

Many US Christians believe they’re under persecution, but nothing is further from the truth. Not hearing a barista wish you a ‘Merry Christmas’ isn’t persecution. In the first century, being a Christian could end your life. […] Read More

With some exceptions, most Christians are silent about persecution against Muslims. What a testimony it would be if the loudest voices calling for the just, humane treatment of Muslims were Christian voices. […] Read More

Often missing from a Christian discourse on religious persecution is recognition of an injustice undermining millions of lives today: the persecution of Muslims. Here are three cases of ongoing persecution. […] Read More

Is it possible for U.S. Christians to be proud of their country and still criticize or condemn some of its actions? Of course, if we learn to do these two things. […] Read More

Religious freedom restrictions lead to “instability, human rights abuses and violent extremism,” the U.S. State Department emphasized in its annual International Religious Freedom Report, released Tuesday, Aug. 15. “Conditions in many parts of the world are far from ideal. Religious persecution and intolerance remain far too prevalent,” said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in remarks […] Read More

While hate crimes committed by and against Muslims in Europe receive increasing attention in the global media, the rise of Hindu vigilantism in India receives scant coverage. Yet, the loss of life and the levels of terror under which Muslim and other religious minorities in India now live far exceed anything experienced in the West. […] Read More

The concept of “disorienting times” was the focus of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary’s 14th Middle East Conference / Consultation (June 19-23), organized by its Institute of Middle East Studies. Highlights from the 2017 consultation are available here. Four themes – Persecution and Suffering; Emigration; Hopelessness and Despair; and Minoritization – were integrated and engaged […] Read More

Religious freedom globally “is worsening in both the depth and breadth of violations,” according to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)’s annual religious freedom report. “Many violations of religious freedom do not appear to be aimed at religion,” the report noted. “Violations can seem mundane, such as requirements for building permits (to establish/repair […] Read More

Christians are “the most widely targeted religious community,” according to a report from Under Caesar’s Sword (UCS). Christians respond to persecution in a variety of ways, UCS explained, with nonviolent survival strategies being most common. Persecution comes at the hands of both state and non-state actors, and expressions include “arbitrary detention … imprisonment … forced […] Read More