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The U.S. church needs a reality check. For 2,000 years, the Western church has been dominated by a white European patriarchy that has created a self-perpetuating system for a favored class. But there’s hope. A new dawn is rising. […] Read More

Patriarchy is a constant in world history. Even though many want Christianity to conform to patriarchy, it’s not God’s dream for humanity. While patriarchy may be a part of Christian history, that doesn’t make it Christian. […] Read More

The Hellenistic Roman world, both pre and post the beginning of Christianity, viewed women as subordinate to men. It’s no surprise then that patriarchal language ended up in some portions of the New Testament. […] Read More

In our patriarchal society, men often try to commandeer the debate concerning abortion and women’s health. We men need to listen to women with open ears and open hearts. Here are 5 ways to do that. […] Read More

Sadly, women not being believed by powerful men isn’t new. The Bible shows repeatedly how women, regarded as scriptural heroes today, weren’t believed by men in a patriarchal society. […] Read More

The hearings about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court displayed the patriarchal power of a ruling class demanding its entitlement be respected and insulting victims of sexual abuse. […] Read More

There is an ongoing debate in evangelical circles between two views of the proper relationship between husbands and wives as prescribed by the Bible. The first is complementarianism, which asserts that the husband is the head of the household and holds ultimate authority over the family. The wife plays a complementary role in managing the […] Read More

The murder of a member of a family, generally a woman, by another member of the family because of the perception that the person has brought shame to the family is known as “honor killing.” This practice has made international headlines twice in May. I wrote about the tragic story of a woman in Afghanistan […] Read More

Hierarchical paradigms shape our thinking about the world in which we live. We tend to view relationships as levels on a pyramid, constantly assessing whether we are above, below or equal to others in intelligence, education, popularity, wealth, attractiveness, health, talent, power, importance, family or even spirituality. Competitiveness seems hard-wired inside our brains. We instinctively […] Read More

Hierarchy is the primary foundation of the world’s systems. Military model. Corporate model. Winners vs. losers. Rich vs. poor. Powerful vs. weak. The reason hierarchy prevails is because it works so well for us. It’s what we’re used to. It’s what we know. We’re so wrapped up in our hierarchical, pyramid-like thinking that it’s difficult […] Read More