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Racism and sexism are increasingly, and belatedly, being identified as big issues at North American, Western European and Australian universities and are not merely “developing country” phenomena. See, for instance, the recent report from a British task force. Racism and sexism manifest themselves not only in hiring practices, unequal pay, hate speech and acts of […] Read More

Sometimes helping hurts, particularly within Christian mission work. Daniel Carro, professor of divinity at The John Leland Center for Theological Studies in Arlington, Virginia, and a Baptist Center for Ethics board member, explored this reality at a focus group during the Baptist World Alliance’s 2015 World Congress in Durban, South Africa. “Christian missionaries can come […] Read More

Bad theology kills. For many, the subject of “theology” invokes the image of old white men with impressive beards and antiquated ideas sitting in ivory seminary towers writing really big books that nobody reads. Yet within everything we think, say and do can be found a variety of implicit theologies, even if we are unconscious […] Read More

Privilege can be a terrible burden. I don’t know that I really understood this before the first day that I was in a local village in El Salvador. Some clothing had been sent with our mission team to share with the children of the community. Although our team had not intended to be involved with […] Read More

Ever wonder what happens when you fry baloney? I expect puzzled looks from my students every time I ask this question. Why would anyone in their right mind fry baloney? Still, usually a few students provide the correct answer: it bubbles up. Those who know the answer are usually students who have known poverty.┬áIn fact, […] Read More