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Pastoral Leadership

Chalk it up to putting social distancing into practice. First Baptist of Gainesville, Georgia, called a pastor and hardly anyone attended. Instead, the pastor preached to empty rows of pews as members listened online or on the radio. […] Read More

The COVID-19 virus has been forcing churches to adapt their regular routines. For one Virginia Baptist church, the solution to meeting as a congregation was as close as their parking lot. Set up a drive-in church on Sunday. […] Read More

With many grads incurring sizable debt after seminary, many churches cannot afford to pay an affordable salary to professionally trained clergy. We need shorter and more focused virtual centers of learning. […] Read More

When your church searches for your next pastor, are you making a hire or extending a call? There are distinct differences. Vocational ministry is a unique calling. These 5 traits will help you establish a healthy call process. […] Read More

Churches are gifted with multiple generations, all at different paths on the journey, with so much to give each other. Yet, we often don’t know each other’s names. We must stop neglecting the next generation within our walls. […] Read More

Pastoral ministry and leadership must evolve and adapt if their churches are going to be life-giving spiritual communities in the present or future. Pastors can choose one of two doors. Some choose the exit, others the entrance. […] Read More

Opening up about mental health issues at work, including churches, is often difficult to do. It requires disclosure and vulnerability. Achieving an open environment in your church workspace may be possible, but it might take time. […] Read More

Your church had a major fallout with your last pastor. You’re ready to bring on a new pastor whom you’re sure will solve all of your problems. Before you call that vitalized pastor, here’s one word of advice: DON’T. Here’s why. […] Read More

Does honesty have a place in the pulpit? Preachers shouldn’t be the center of the story. Personal anecdotes can illustrate a point, but they’re not the destination of the sermon. No one comes to church to hear about the preacher. […] Read More

Because most churches avoid politics, we come off as irrelevant or silent about the most pressing issues. Perhaps we should take a cue from late-night talk-show hosts. A humorous monologue can open the door to serious talk. […] Read More