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EthicsDaily is embracing the spirit of generosity on Giving Tuesday (Dec. 3). We will forward 20% of every donation received that day to support Fellowship Southwest’s work with churches on the border ministering to refugees. […] Read More

Looking back on’s 2018 is an exercise in gratefulness. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite moments and experiences in the life of EthicsDaily. […] Read More

Education is a right of all people – especially children – bestowed upon them by their Creator. That’s why EthicsDaily is committed to working with partners advocating for the education of all children. […] Read More

EthicsDaily enthusiastically works with global partners to break down barriers and strengthen international bonds. We believe God loves all the inhabitants of the world, not merely a favored elect. […] Read More

Throughout its history, EthicsDaily has been committed to fostering interfaith dialogue and collaboration. With your support, we’ll continue to tell more inspiring stories of global partnerships and interfaith cooperation. […] Read More

EthicsDaily has taken a strong position when it comes to biblical egalitarianism. We believe God created both man and woman as equals, forever encouraging a mutual submission to each other based on love and respect. […] Read More

Social capital is a commodity best understood in the same way one might appreciate the value of making modest, regular contributions to a savings account and trusting the power of time and interest. The community surrounding Holmeswood Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri, is diverse and dynamic. There are pockets of extreme urban poverty and […] Read More

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship will hold a period for open comment on a proposal to define the way the moderate organization relates to partner ministry organizations. After 19 months of work, a CBF Partner Study Committee presented a series of guidelines to the group’s Coordinating Council last week. Following the public-comment period, the document is […] Read More

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship would provide no more than one-fifth of the Baptist Center for Ethics’ annual funding—a reduction from its current level of support–under a proposal being presented to CBF leaders this week. The CBF Coordinating Council is expected to discuss but not vote on a report of a special Partnership Study Committee this […] Read More

What it means to be a “partner” ministry with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship–and how much financial dependence that title implies—have become front-burner issues for the moderate group. The CBF currently devotes 28 percent of its budget to fund partners—which include 13 theology schools, the Baptist Joint Committee, Associated Baptist Press, Baptist Center for Ethics, Baptists […] Read More