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Whether God calls us to the ends of the earth or to the house down the street, we are all called to share the love of Christ with others. In a culture that continuously strives for “bigger and better” and encourages (even demands) self-centeredness, the church’s role in teaching kids to have a global and […] Read More

Kids can be some of our toughest critics. Are you ready to welcome them to your church this Christmas? Churches have such an opportunity during the Christmas season and especially during Christmas Eve services to welcome new faces – whether they’re dragged their by family, feel obligated to come out of a sense of tradition, […] Read More

Thanksgiving is a time to pause, take a deep breath, count our blessings and express our gratitude. We spend time with family, eat delicious food, kick off the Christmas holiday season, watch football and engage in any number of personal family traditions. Perhaps this year, more than in others in recent memory, I am more […] Read More

One day our kids will “Google” us. It hasn’t happened yet for me, but I know it will soon. I’ve already been Facebook “stalked,” Instagram-investigated and iPhone-snooped by my 13-year-old. It’s only a matter of time before she puts my name into Google to see what pops up. What will she find? Will she find […] Read More

Does the Bible talk about intergenerational ministry? How about generational discipleship? Is there a biblical basis for this new craze sweeping the children’s ministry and family ministry worlds? Yes, and it is a practice that dates back to the origins of Christianity. Until recently in church history, the generations worshipped together as an intergenerational faith […] Read More

“Top Gear” is immensely popular, attracting some of the top viewing figures for BBC1 TV. Cars are driven to places and in ways never done before. They are driven around a track at maximum possible speeds and used unconventionally – for example, as darts, converted into amphibious vehicles and more. The show does things with […] Read More

I once worked with a personal trainer who started my 150 hours with her by doing an evaluation of my current fitness level. I went into the whole thing a little proud of myself. I was a pretty active person and was able to do more physically than many in similar shape. At the end […] Read More

A cartoon in my Facebook newsfeed showed a pastor in front of the church behind the pulpit saying, “There’s been a complaint from a few of the members that the sermons are too intellectual. The following adult members are invited up front to join the children’s sermon.” At first I chuckled, but then I stopped […] Read More

Each week a new story in the news takes social media by storm and dominates the online conversation. The story of the appalling crime, disappointing trial and lenient conviction of Brock Turner has filled my feed recently. As the story grew in scope and more information was made known to the general public, I saw […] Read More

The church gets 40 hours per year and the schools get 2,000 hours per year, while parents get 3,000 hours per year, so it’s a parent’s job to disciple their children. I’ve seen a lot of posts recently that have been directed at Christian parents making this point. There is definitely truth in that statement. […] Read More