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I’ve seen many people saying this is a “teachable moment” in U.S. history. By that, they mean it’s a time for parents and ministers to seize the day and ensure that we are intentional about talking to the next generation about what is going on and what our response should be. I’m all for teaching […] Read More

The Christmas season is filled with beautiful pictures of love, grace, peace and hope. I especially love seeing all the nativities on display. What could be more beautiful than a mother holding her newborn? As I reflect on the Christmas Scriptures, I’m reminded that things aren’t always as they seem. I’m moved this year by […] Read More

I’ve heard the cries of some U.S. evangelicals claiming they are in the midst of persecution. I don’t pretend to know exactly what another person is going through, but I wonder if what they are experiencing is not persecution but accountability. Not one of us revels in being held accountable for our actions when we […] Read More

I had a conversation recently with a mother in my congregation and her twin 6-year-old sons regarding the death of one of their classmates. A first-grade boy in a school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, died during his sleep in the night. He had gone to bed with nothing more than a sore throat, something as […] Read More

Not many husbands get to tell their wives, “Guess what? We’re having a baby!” On Jan. 13, 1998, I had that privilege. Gayla and I had been approved to adopt a child a few months before. We had survived the stress of social workers inspecting our house to make sure it was kid-friendly. We had […] Read More

The advice we would give less than 10 years ago to parents wanting to protect their children was to put the family computer in the living room so that internet use could be easily monitored. Enter Steve Jobs and the rise of the smartphone, and this advice has been rendered obsolete. Digital technology is advancing […] Read More

A series of tornados ripped through Oklahoma in 2013 causing extensive amounts of damage and leaving many without homes, cars and possessions. Stories about the tornados were all over the news and headlines so inevitably my daughters, ages 9 and 7, heard all about it. As you might suspect, there were lots of questions and […] Read More

A young boy, probably 3 or 4, was walking behind an adult man, presumably his father, down the street the other day. They were dressed the same, in khaki shorts and a white shirt, and the little guy was imitating the adult’s every move. My first thought was, “Oh, how cute!” Then I noticed the […] Read More

Many churches are seeking to incorporate times in which the family can stay together to worship, grow and learn about God together in church, but they don’t know where to start. This has been confirmed to me by children’s ministers and family pastors across the country with whom I’ve spoken. “The predominant mindset in Christian […] Read More

U.S. children have seen improvement over the past five years in 11 of 16 areas that serve as key indicators of well-being, according to a report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF). The organization focuses on “developing a brighter future for millions of children at risk of poor educational, economic, social and health outcomes.” […] Read More