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Among significant portions of U.S. Christians, a widespread false dichotomy exists that views “faith” as distinct from service, action and vocation. […] Read More

Scripture extols us to pass on our faith from one generation to another, yet many congregations opt for an environment that segregates the generations from one another. […] Read More

Parents don’t entrust their children into the care of strangers, no matter how attractive the circumstances. So how did we as a nation decide it’s a good thing to take children away from their parents? […] Read More

My 2½-year-old and I went to dinner with a friend recently. On the way home, I turned the wrong way. His perceptive ears heard me say, “Oops! That was the wrong way,” and then I heard his copycat voice from the back seat saying, “Wrong way, Mama. Wrong way.” I laughed to myself knowing this […] Read More

I joined a group from our church recently to walk through the streets of Lexington, Kentucky. This was for the Lexington Mural Challenge Scavenger Hunt in which participants had to find specific murals out of the hundreds painted on the sides of buildings, in alleys, up and down streets, throughout the city. Each mural has […] Read More

What does comprehensive immigration reform look like? I don’t know, but I know what it does not look like. What if we treated every desperate person at our borders who was at the end of their rope as if they were a part of our family? How would this influence our decisions? This is what […] Read More

This weekend, Mother’s Day, while joy-filled for many, is full of anxiety for others. If you’re in the anxiety-producing camp, know I am with you. As I’ve shared elsewhere, I have Mother’s Day pain. It’s so hard to have complicated feelings about the mothers in your life. It’s so hard to have longings for children […] Read More

How do we teach the next generation that disagreements don’t necessarily mean dislike? How can we help them learn to share their thoughts with gentleness and respect in a culture that seems to have no room for healthy public discourse? These questions emerged from a recent discussion with a group of ministers who dialogue in […] Read More

It’s become so easy in our society to spread hate. The rise of the meme has been an interesting phenomenon. This past year, it has become something that has caused me deep concern. For the uninitiated, memes are pictures or short videos that have words overlaid across them that are usually short, quippy and intended […] Read More

Alex Stone startled in a recent New York Times op-ed, “Is Your Child Lying to You? That’s Good.” Stone, author of “Fooling Houdini,” tempts readers to abandon that plodding parental desire to raise honest children with this irresistible bait: Liars are smarter. “We believe honesty is a moral imperative, and we try to instill this […] Read More