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Rev. Cheryl Allen didn’t tear down a wall; she just created a small hole in it. As a result, about 720 abandoned babies have been rescued through the “Door of Hope.” Rev. Cheryl Allen didn’t tear down a wall; she just created a small hole in it. As a result, about 720 abandoned babies have […] Read More

Names from the Bible remain popular as American parents consider their options for naming both boys and girls. Jacob was the most popular baby boy name in 2007, according to the Social Security Administration, which releases the most popular baby names each Mother’s Day. Jacob has topped the list since 1999. Rounding out the top […] Read More

From age 25 to age 30, I worked as a youth minister. It was my job to stay on top of youth culture. Sometimes I became an important link between teenagers and their parents. At times I felt like an interpreter, helping parents understand teenagers who didn’t seem to speak the same language or helping […] Read More

With seven bestsellers in the series, and five blockbuster movies, like it or not, Harry Potter is here to stay. And there are those who are not happy about that. Many Christian parents and church leaders fear that Harry’s popularity promotes witchcraft and paganism among young people. In order to stop this pagan onslaught, strenuous […] Read More

The other day I was shaken into the reality of my own inability to see clearly. Again. In a moment of weakness I’d promised offspring Sammy I’d go with his class on a field trip. I’d been traveling earlier in the week and had conveniently forgotten my offer, only to return home to a very […] Read More

We attended a typical church. Wednesday night prayer meeting was almost always the people you knew, and rarely were there visitors. But, after church for choir practice, the 40 choir members were all known by name and were supposed to abide by certain standards in order to be in the choir. My beautiful 5-year-old child, […] Read More

In what is becoming the latest clash between fundamentalist Christianity and the rest of the world, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) recently assigned a PG rating to an explicitly Christian film. The movie, “Facing the Giants,” is the story of a football team with a losing record that suddenly gets turned around and […] Read More

Religious conservatives have been at the forefront of proposals to allow consumers to purchase only cable TV channels they choose, instead of the bundled packages that are offered today, as a way to combat smut. But with the Federal Communications Commission now supporting the major policy change, some are having second thoughts, saying it could […] Read More

“Some secrets are hidden from health,” wrote John Updike in his poem “Fever.” I have experienced the truth of Updike’s observation. My excellent health kept me from seeing some things—things that became secrets of sort. One relates to my son Chris, who graduates from high school on Thursday. When I lost my health in March, […] Read More

Remembering My Father

My father died this year. Had he lived until Sunday, he would have been 77. His death came as no surprise. His health had declined rapidly in recent years, after decades of battling multiple sclerosis, a disease which forced him to leave his beloved Nigeria in the early 1970s, where he served as a Baptist […] Read More