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I was challenged by a bishop some years ago regarding an article I’d written. We were talking in his office and the tone eventually got a little testy. “How can you write something like that?” he asked. “Because it’s true,” was my blunt reply. He already knew it was true, but now, realizing that, he […] Read More

The “least of these my brothers” (“adelphoi” in Greek) historically has been a controversial phrase in Matthew 25:40. Some have argued (the particularist interpretation) that because Jesus often referred to his disciples as “brothers,” he must be referring here in verse 40 to his suffering disciples with this phrase. Jesus intends to say, therefore, that […] Read More

In the parable of “the rich man and Lazarus” (Luke 16:19-31), Jesus describes a scene where the poor man, Lazarus, now in heaven by Abraham’s side, looks over the chasm at the rich man who now stands in the flames of Hades. The rich man begs Abraham to have Lazarus, who once ate the leftovers […] Read More

Waiting is an inevitable part of life. Even people highly skilled at multi-tasking and time management cannot avoid waiting at some point in their day – red lights, checkout lines or doctor’s offices, to offer a few examples. I cannot think of anyone who enjoys waiting. If we’re honest, waiting doesn’t often elicit our best […] Read More

The parable in Luke 15:8-10 has to be one of the shortest Jesus shared with his listeners. It’s the one about the woman who loses one of her 10 coins and scours her residence to find it. When the lost coin is found, she calls together her friends and neighbors and they celebrate the restoration […] Read More

Those of us who have read the Gospels, or who are even remotely familiar with the teachings of Jesus, know that he often spoke in parables. Indeed, Jesus tells more than 40 parables, many that are very familiar, such as the Parable of the Good Samaritan or the Parable of the Prodigal Son. But why […] Read More

Confusion about the “real” meaning of Jesus’ familiar (and evidently authentic) parable of the sower and the seed could have a simple explanation: He was just having a bad day on all sorts of fronts. After all, most of that day had been spent being challenged by and arguing with the scribes and Pharisees – […] Read More

Sinful Company

A sermon delivered by Randy Hyde, Pastor , Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, Little Rock, Ark. on September 12, 2010.                                   Psalm 14:1-7; Luke 15:1-10 Janet and I had just “reported for duty” in Bristol, Virginia where I was to work as the associate pastor at First Baptist Church. It was early June, 1974. Emily was a […] Read More

A sermon delivered by Robert Browning, Pastor of Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, Ga., March 7, 2010. Luke 13:1-9 It was at least five hundred feet tall, or so it seemed to me when I was five years old. I am referring to the pear tree that sat in the lower corner of our […] Read More

This sermon was delivered by Wendell Griffen, pastor of the New Millennium Church in Little Rock, Ark., on June 14, 2009. Mark 4:26-34   Everyone loves stories.  For as long as humans can remember, stories have been a central part of our lives, in every culture, language, and age.  Perhaps this is so because stories […] Read More