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A majority in the U.S. affirm the use of drone strikes in conflict. According to a Pew Research Center survey published in late May, 58 percent approved drone usage while 35 percent expressed disapproval. At the same time, 48 percent of respondents also were concerned that drone strikes endanger civilian lives. The majority approval is […] Read More

During a recent meeting of the Interfaith Leaders Network in Nepal, I was in awe as I heard the stories of Pakistani Muslim peacemakers and learned about their work. I have faced many sorts of conflict and been in countless dialogues with Muslims, but this was different. Pakistan was different. My jaw dropped and my […] Read More

I was standing in line at the airport in Thailand on my way to Nepal when an American woman next to me asked my purpose for going. “I’m attending an important peacemaking gathering called the Interfaith Leaders Network, where we’ll be meeting with Muslims from Pakistan,” I replied. “They hate us!” she blurted out. Her […] Read More

The Baptist World Alliance (BWA) will participate in a review of Pakistan’s human rights record at an upcoming meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC). The HRC’s second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Pakistan takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, on Oct. 30. As a nongovernmental organization (NGO) in Consultative Status with the U.N., […] Read More

BANGALORE, India (RNS/ENInews) Christian schools across Pakistan shut down on Thursday (March 3) for a three-day protest of the assassination of the country’s Minister for Religious Minorities. The call for the action came at an ecumenical meeting chaired by Archbishop Lawrence Saldana, president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Pakistan. Church leaders said if Pakistan […] Read More

BANGALORE, India (RNS/ENInews) Pakistani churches say they’re frustrated by the government’s refusal to amend a controversial blasphemy law that makes it a capital crime to insult Islam or the Prophet Muhammad. Human rights groups have urged for the law to be repealed or amended to protect the rights of minority faiths in a nation that […] Read More

The numbers being quoted about the Pakistan floods are mind-boggling. They’re inflating so rapidly that there is no point in repeating them here; they will be out of date by the time these words are read. So many millions homeless, so many evacuated, so many hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed. That this country, so […] Read More

Baptist World Aid on Sunday sent 10 rescue specialists and two rescue dogs, plus equipment, to help with recovery efforts following Saturday’s 7.6 Richter scale earthquake in Pakistan. Reuters reported on Wednesday a death toll of more than 33,000 in a belt stretching from <Afghanistan across northern Pakistan and into India. BWAid’s Rescue 24 team […] Read More

Does religion permit government to kill its own citizens? According to international law, the answer is never. International law prohibits the death penalty. According to the Islamic legal code known as sharia, however, sex between an unmarried man and woman is a crime that merits the death penalty. The controversy surrounding the stoning sentence of […] Read More

On January 12, 2002, General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan delivered a landmark speech outlining his new policies on domestic terrorism and extremist groups, Kashmir and the Pakistani-Indian relationship, and the registration and reform of Pakistani madrassas. The madrassas, or religious schools, obtained an infamous reputation as the institutions where the “religious students” of the former […] Read More