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Paige Patterson

Paige Patterson, former head of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS), is receiving criticism and being challenged on multiple situations. His comments counseling a woman who was being abused by her husband to stay in the marriage in 2004 have resurfaced. It has also been revealed that while president of a previous seminary, Southeastern Baptist Theological […] Read More

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Southern Baptist Convention seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, has relieved President Paige Patterson of his responsibilities. Patterson’s status has been in question for weeks after reports surfaced that years ago he advised an abused woman to remain with her husband and forgive him. Although he initially stood by his actions, […] Read More

Beth Moore’s courage to speak out, even at the cost of her reputation and possibly her ministry, gave me hope that the evangelical world would finally listen. Even so, much work remains to be done in light of the continued support for Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, even after troubling […] Read More

My daughter and I were walking our new puppy when my phone buzzed. It was a Twitter notification from my fellow blogger Chris Gehrz about Beth Moore’s open letter. I stopped dead and started reading. It was a few seconds before I realized how far I was lagging behind my daughter. “Mom!” she yelled. “What […] Read More

Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) messengers pressed Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Paige Patterson to explain his decision to admit a Muslim doctoral student in violation of the seminary’s admissions policies at the annual SBC meeting being held in Baltimore, Maryland. Although Patterson apologized on Wednesday for the controversy he created by breaking an admissions policy, […] Read More

In a story that’s been largely overlooked, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary unveiled several shipping crates purported to contain remnants of Lottie Moon’s rented house from P’ingtu City, China, along with personal possessions and other 19th century antiques from the area.   Seminary President Paige Patterson displayed open crates reported to contain “some of Moon’s furniture, […] Read More

When Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Paige Patterson steps to the podium this afternoon at the annual meeting of the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC), his presence will represent a contradiction both for him and the organization. Patterson has publicly denounced Christians suing one another as violating Scripture, but he privately told Missouri Baptist leaders they […] Read More

Is it “God’s will” for women to stay at home? Robert Parham and Paige Patterson took up the issue Monday morning on “FOX & Friends.” “We should never claim for the Christian faith what the Bible does not claim for itself,” Parham stated (Watch is here). “The Bible offers many examples of women, who we […] Read More

A Southern Baptist seminary president said lives could have been saved last week at Virginia Tech if six or eight students had risked their lives to rush and subdue gunman Seung-Hui Cho. “Somebody just came a moment ago and said let’s pray for those at the Virginia Tech University, where the tragedy has occurred,” Paige […] Read More

Twenty-five years into a movement aimed at restoring conservative doctrines, Southern Baptists continue to drift along year after year reporting a little over 400,000 baptisms, and the vast majority of those occur in a relatively small percentage of the churches, “conservative resurgence” co-founder Paige Patterson said Sunday. “The other day I received a telephone call […] Read More