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Violence in our society is a perplexing reality. If we look at it in terms of statistics, there is less killing and crime in many categories than in many years. When we see the daily litany of murder stories on the news, though, and compare our nation to other nations, we are appalled at the […] Read More

Our collective dismay and compassion for victims and for our human family in general is immediate and profound in the aftermath of such horrific events as the Orlando shooting. Some have observed that we as a society are more “together” than any other time in response to such things as 9/11, Sandy Hook, Charleston, the […] Read More

“The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.” These words bring fear, hate, exclusion, injustice, hurt, shock and pain. The victims have been stereotyped, lumped into a reason for such a massacre. The shooter has been stereotyped as well, and, for some, his religious convictions offer explanation. I am praying for those who are injured and […] Read More

The blame-game started soon after news broke about the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Blame Obama. Blame guns. Blame gun-rights advocates for blocking gun-control legislation. Blame evangelicals for opposing gay-rights legislation. Blame Muslims. It’s a well-worn pattern of finger pointing. We see it over and over. The rush to judgment – assigning […] Read More