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Old Testament

The Bible is not an easy book to read. Christians tend to select the passages that are positive, encouraging, reassuring. Some Psalms, parts of Isaiah and of course the New Testament (except for Revelation). But what about the Old Testament parts that contain lists of laws and regulations, and what about the stories of wars […] Read More

Imagine that you and a friend decide to go see a movie, but you misread the schedule and arrive an hour into the film. Would you still go in and watch the last half of the movie? Of course not. No one jumps into the middle of a movie and expects to understand what is […] Read More

The prophetic performances of the classical Hebrew prophets have been collected in a series of scrolls. Written texts were simply the Iron Age’s version of a recording device. All manner of oral performances – stories, priestly teachings, songs, prayers, traditions that they claimed had been originally spoken by Moses – were translated through the, then, […] Read More

Our subject is nothing less than that brilliant fusion of divination and imagination known as classical Hebrew prophecy in which a succession of folk performers over the course of two centuries (about 740-540 B.C.) turned God into a poet. What do I mean by the phrase “folk performers”? The Hebrew prophets were performers, not authors. […] Read More

A story is making the rounds in religious news about a recent address by Phillip Jenkins of Pennsylvania State University to the Evangelical Theological Society in November. Jenkins argued that Africans are often able to read the Old Testament in a more productive way because of close connections between the culture of ancient Israel and […] Read More