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Our inherited biases can lead us to faulty conclusions and questionable actions. It’s how some Christians have used the Bible to justify slavery and subjugate women. Every one of us, no matter how enlightened, still has work to do. […] Read More

Efforts to privatize public schools undermine the nature of a democratic government, replacing the sacred ideals of equality and shared fortunes with economic privilege and greed. The door to education must be open to all equally. […] Read More

Just as a person has the right to carry a gun, a person has the right not to and still be safe. What is it about guns in the U.S. that has turned faithful followers of Jesus Christ into those wishing for violent death? […] Read More

What Gun Would Jesus Pack?

The U.S. has more civilian-owned firearms than people: 326 million people vs. 393 million civilian-owned firearms. Here’s the stark reality: A segment of our society is obsessed with guns to the detriment of the common good. […] Read More

A cluster of Native American congregations and the Cooperating Baptist Fellowship of Oklahoma are writing a new script for race relations in the Sooner State. […] Read More

An interim study on “radical Islam, sharia law, Muslim brotherhood and the radicalization process” was commissioned by Oklahoma Representative John Bennett (R-Sallisaw) in October 2016. I wasn’t surprised, since some of the legislators from the same House sponsored anti-sharia law State Question 755 a few years prior. Bennett, a well-known “Islamophobe,” called Islam “a cancer” […] Read More

Oklahoma Democratic state Sen. Tom Adelson, like many of the rest of us, is tired of Republicans running against the state income tax. Oklahoma has both one of the lowest tax rates and some of the most underfunded public services in the country. For more than a decade, Republican candidates have promised, if elected, to […] Read More

(RNS) Backers of a referendum that would bar Oklahoma courts from considering Islamic law admit they suffered a setback when a federal judge issued a temporary injunction against the measure last month. But they are pinning their hopes on Attorney General-elect Scott Pruitt, a minor league baseball team owner and former state senator who has […] Read More

(RNS) Lawyers for the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office have two weeks to convince a federal judge to remove a temporary hold on a voter-approved state constitutional amendment that prohibits courts from considering Islamic law. U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange issued a temporary restraining order on Monday (Nov. 8) after Muslims sued to block the referendum, […] Read More

The Southern Baptist Convention International Mission Board has censured a trustee for writing about trustee business in a Web log that board leaders said reflected poorly on fellow board members and violated a policy requiring trustees to speak only in “positive and supportive” terms about actions of the board. A motion passed in executive session […] Read More