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Malnutrition presents a ‘double burden’ as nations struggle to address both undernourishment and obesity at the same time, a report said. Up to one-third of lower- and middle-income nations struggle with this dual burden. […] Read More

One in three children under the age of 5 suffers from some form of malnutrition. One in two children faces “hidden hunger” in the form of vitamin or mineral deficiency. And one in five is overweight or obese. These were three key findings in The State of the World’s Children, a report published Oct. 15 […] Read More

U.S. obesity rates have more than tripled over the last 40 years among those aged 19 and younger, a new CDC report says, increasing to 18.5 percent from 5.2 percent. […] Read More

A challenging and potentially transformative command to enact an economic Sabbath is found in Deuteronomy 15:1-11. Every seven years, Hebrew creditors were to release the remaining debt of the loans given during the previous six years. Debt was the ultimate source of poverty then as it is now, so this was a year when poverty […] Read More

The number of 5- to 19-year-olds who are obese will outnumber those who are moderately or severely underweight by 2022 if current trends continue. This projection in a mid-October World Health Organization (WHO)-Imperial College London report caught me off guard. I read the report summary twice to confirm I’d understood correctly. After all, we published […] Read More

Television commercials offer cultural insight, with their content and presentation methods serving as a tool for social analysis. On a recent evening, my wife and I were watching a sit-com via a network’s streaming option, and I noticed that the same ads were repeated during most commercial breaks. Two ads were for food products, containing […] Read More

In the week that dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer in Britain, declared that obesity is now so common that society is “normalizing being overweight,” I attended a ministers’ meeting where two-thirds of those present were grossly overweight. I was shocked. Before I begin, however, let me make three preliminary remarks: 1. Although my belly […] Read More

Standing on the opposite side of what early Christians called “acedia” or sloth is the workaholic whose mind at the very least, and body often move compulsively. They function differently and, therefore, have unique individual and societal impacts, but, in the end, both expressions are well outside of God’s intention for us. Humans are brilliant […] Read More

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced last week that he wanted to ban the display of cigarettes in stores in an effort to reduce youth smoking. His announcement came after a judge ruled against his plan to ban super-sized sugary drinks, a ruling that Bloomberg is appealing. Super-sized, sugary drinks and cigarettes are harmful […] Read More

Obesity rates in the United States have been on a steady incline, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) believes sugar-filled sodas are helping those rates bubble up. On June 7, the advocacy group gathered more than 200 public health officials and community activists in a Washington ballroom for a National Soda […] Read More