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North Carolina

Tonya Easterly Vickery, co-pastor of Cullowhee Baptist Church in Cullowhee, North Carolina, is the subject of the second short film in a series focusing on female Baptist pastors. It premieres online Nov. 9. […] Read More

Welcome House Raleigh is a temporary housing ministry for refugees and immigrants seeking a long-term housing solution. A team of vetted volunteers offers hospitality, settlement assistance and assimilation into the community. […] Read More

With certain state Baptist conventions rushing to exclude people, gay church members are forced to live a lie about their sexual orientation in order for the church to accept them. Others just walk away. There’s no safe harbor. […] Read More

North Carolina’s new governor has raised the ire of educators in the state’s university system by suggesting that the only purpose of higher education worth funding is training that will lead directly to jobs. I suspect he’s not the only governor doing so these days. In a radio interview with conservative talk show host Bill Bennett – […] Read More

On May 8, North Carolinians were given the opportunity to vote on the following amendment to their state constitution: “Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.” Despite concerns – voiced by the ACLU and several North Carolina lawprofessors – about […] Read More

The citizens of Ashville, N.C., recently elected an atheist, Cecil Bothwell, to serve on their city council, but North Carolina’s state constitution prohibits anyone “who shall deny the being of Almighty God” from holding public office. Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, however, says “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to […] Read More

Two items in the Oct. 27 issue of the News & Observer were particularly distressing. The first was a front-page story, along with several sidebars, regarding shenanigans carried on by former governor Mike Easley. Previous articles had revealed shady real estate deals that got the guv a big discount on a waterfront lot, and too […] Read More

The lottery’s no longer the only game in town, at least in many towns across North Carolina. Recent challenges to laws regulating video poker and sneaky ways of skirting the law have led to a boom in “sweepstakes” outlets that often masquerade as Internet cafes. Unlike the typical Internet cafe where most users check email, […] Read More

Coaching churches and church leaders maximizes time and energy. It focuses around passion, calling and growth challenges in ways that seminars promise but often miss. Leaders – whether local, global, church or denomination or judicatory, clergy or lay leaders – all face overwhelming demands these days and find it frustrating if not discouraging. Most persons […] Read More

It’s not enough for Christians to “walk the walk,” Fred Craddock told participants attending the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina’s (CBFNC’s) 2009 General Assembly March 20-21. “Somebody needs to talk the talk.” Craddock, a retired professor who is perennially cited as one of America’s top preachers, spoke to an enthusiastic group of more than […] Read More