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Nigerian Baptist Convention

A Nigerian Baptist leader recently castigated the international community for “just watching” as Boko Haram continues to terrorize the west African country. Samson Ayokunle, president of the Nigerian Baptist Convention (NBC) – the largest Baptist World Alliance (BWA) member organization in Africa with approximately 3.5 million members in some 10,000 churches – has called for international intervention to halt […] Read More

The prosperity gospel has influenced a large number of Christians across a broad section of the Christian faith, according to Deji Ayegboyin, president and chief executive officer of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. “It is obvious that prosperity teaching is a phenomenon that cuts across denominational barriers. Prosperity teaching can be found in varying degrees in […] Read More

SEOUL, South Korea–Baptist leaders gathering in South Korea for the annual meeting of the Baptist World Alliance foresee a bright future for the organization, despite the withdrawal of its largest member body, the Southern Baptist Convention–and the resulting loss of approximately 17 percent of the BWA’s annual undesignated funding. “The future is bright for the […] Read More