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New Year

Waiting for New Year’s Day can be an exercise in passive patience or an episode of agitated impatience or even a process of slow release anticipation. Alternatively, waiting can be a time of fallow resting, allowing new ideas to seed and propagate in the fertile mulch of memory, previous hopes and newborn choices. It’s strange […] Read More

Questions are keys to growth. A leader always thinks about whether he or she is asking good questions. Good questions energize and encourage; poor questions lead to lack of focus and uncertainty. As another new year approaches, it is important to consider the kind of questions we are asking. We ask questions of ourselves as […] Read More

Americans are pessimistic.  Americans are pessimistic about the White House and Congress making progress addressing pressing problems. Americans are pessimistic about the future of their children’s economic well-being. Americans are less optimistic about the outlook for race relations than when Obama entered office. Americans see religion losing its influence. “And most people who say religion’s […] Read More

“Everything in her working life is organized around the illness,” wrote Wilt Hylton a week before Christmas in a New York Times magazine piece about Laura Hillenbrand. His piece – “The Unbreakable Laura Hillenbrand” – was a play off Hillenbrand’s book, “Unbroken.” By this point, most folk have some awareness about “Unbroken.” It has gotten […] Read More

The new year is an opportunity to make resolutions. Perhaps for many of us, however, resolutions may not be enough. We may need an actual conversion experience. There is a fourth-century story told of two monks in the Egyptian desert in which one monk came to the other for advice. “Father Joseph,” the monk said, […] Read More

Several years ago I predicted $5-per-gallon gas. Thankfully, we never got to that point. Despite my obvious fallibility, I’m framing my prognostications in the familiar “what’s in and what’s out” categories in sharing what I think (and hope) are “in” and “out” for 2014. 1.  Out: Celebrity Christians. In: Communities that model love for God […] Read More

No matter how bright or dark this past year has been, a new year brings the light of a wide-open future. This is a time of year when we all sense that we have a clean slate – a feeling expressed in our resolutions to do or to be something different, something better in the […] Read More

The confluence of Christmastime, the end of a calendar year and the beginning of a new one, tends to prompt a season of reflection. Various media provide us with reviews of the significant events and people from the closing year. Predictions abound of what the new year will bring, and resolutions give expression to our […] Read More

A Fresh Atonement

A sermon delivered by Randy Hyde, Pastor, Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, Little Rock, Ark., on January 6, 2013 Psalm 16:1-11; 1 Peter 1:3-9 Do you mind if I share with you a story I have told before? It’s been quite awhile, so many, if not most, of you may not remember it. When I pastored […] Read More

A sermon delivered by Jim Somerville, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Richmond, Va., on December 30, 2012. The First Sunday after Christmas Day Colossians 3:12-17 Well, here we are on the first Sunday after Christmas Day.  I’m happy to see you, and this year more than most.  If you were here during the season of Advent […] Read More