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New Year

The first psalm is a good text for reflection for the first full week of a new year, pointing eloquently to the kind of life Jesus embodied, to the fruit of the Spirit that Jesus displayed and to the source of his power and influence. […] Read More

As Christians, we proclaim Jesus became flesh and blood to be with us. Yet how many refugees, including 5,000 children torn from their parents’ care, at our southern border must wonder if God is really with them? Are we culpable? […] Read More

Let’s face it. Many of us don’t keep New Year’s resolutions. We can never seem to turn our best ambitions into long-term success. Instead, make a New Day’s resolution. Embrace the power that each new day holds. […] Read More

While we should never forget the past, we should not dwell on it either. With another year behind us, we must look toward the future through courageous and optimistic eyes. Here are my hopeful possibilities for 2020. […] Read More

My new year’s concern is ‘politi-fatigue,’ or political fatigue. It will lead to passive citizenship that either will check out of the process or will be vulnerable to efforts to manipulate responses in ideological directions. […] Read More

One year is dying, and another is about to be born. A variety of symbols surround this transition. Father Time. The Grim Reaper. Baby New Year. And most of them are more connected than people suppose. […] Read More

Waiting for New Year’s Day can be an exercise in passive patience or an episode of agitated impatience or even a process of slow release anticipation. Alternatively, waiting can be a time of fallow resting, allowing new ideas to seed and propagate in the fertile mulch of memory, previous hopes and newborn choices. It’s strange […] Read More

Questions are keys to growth. A leader always thinks about whether he or she is asking good questions. Good questions energize and encourage; poor questions lead to lack of focus and uncertainty. As another new year approaches, it is important to consider the kind of questions we are asking. We ask questions of ourselves as […] Read More

Americans are pessimistic.  Americans are pessimistic about the White House and Congress making progress addressing pressing problems. Americans are pessimistic about the future of their children’s economic well-being. Americans are less optimistic about the outlook for race relations than when Obama entered office. Americans see religion losing its influence. “And most people who say religion’s […] Read More

“Everything in her working life is organized around the illness,” wrote Wilt Hylton a week before Christmas in a New York Times magazine piece about Laura Hillenbrand. His piece – “The Unbreakable Laura Hillenbrand” – was a play off Hillenbrand’s book, “Unbroken.” By this point, most folk have some awareness about “Unbroken.” It has gotten […] Read More