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New Baptist Covenant

Editor’s note: The board of directors of the Baptist Heritage Council of Georgia, where this article first appeared, voted in September to close the organization at the end of 2010. During these changing times in our world, there is much that impacts the Baptist movement. No one can accurately predict what the future holds. All […] Read More

Jimmy Carter walked briskly into the Zaban Room at The Carter Center last Tuesday afternoon, shook hands with invitees and invited participants to be seated. We were there for a planning meeting of the 2011 New Baptist Covenant (NBC) gathering.   Carter listened carefully, gave all abundant time to speak, took notes, asked questions and […] Read More

Late next year, a second major gathering will be held under the banner of a Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant. That is about all that is known at this point. The highly successful event held in Atlanta in the winter of 2008 drew thousands of Baptists from across North America to an unprecedented time […] Read More

Here are seven reasons to be bullish on the New Baptist Covenant:   First is trust — trust is a critical component to a healthy Baptist community, an ingredient that has been missing for a half-century or more.   When the fundamentalists took over the Southern Baptist Convention with deception and falsehood, they destroyed the […] Read More

Prominent Southern Baptist blogger Wade Burleson encouraged those present at a Baptist unity gathering to treat fellow Baptists with respect and civility even when there are disagreements over theological or methodological issues. Other speakers at the Midwest Regional Meeting of the New Baptist Covenant in Norman, Okla., echoed his call.   The gathering, the fourth […] Read More

Baptists of various races gathered Thursday in Norman, Okla., for a discussion that a prominent Southern Baptist African-American pastor called “courageous, prophetic and appropriate.”   Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, commended the Midwest Regional Meeting of the New Baptist Covenant for creating dialogue on issues of race.   The gathering, […] Read More

Has immigration reform gotten lost in the crush of other pressing issues and cultural happenings?   In recent weeks, cable TV had an obsessive focus on Michael Jackson’s death and funeral. Other headlines and programs focused public attention on health care reform, climate change, the national economy, a Supreme Court nominee and the endless war […] Read More

The Norman New Baptist Covenant gathering in August is what the Atlanta New Baptist Covenant gathering in January 2008 should have been — theologically inclusive of banner-bearing Southern Baptists, politically welcoming to card-carrying Republicans and ethnically representative of Hispanics and Native Americans.   “Building Bridges” is scheduled for Aug. 6-7 in Norman, Okla. It may […] Read More

Among the breakout sessions at the recent Baptist Border Crossing were two showings of’s documentary “Beneath the Skin: Baptists and Racism.” Following both showings, panelists discussed how Baptists could work to cross racial borders and answered questions from the audience.   The Baptist Border Crossing was the second regional meeting modeled after last year’s […] Read More

Popular author and preacher Tony Campolo urged Baptists to help care for the needs of others by making systemic changes to American society and churches. Campolo spoke April 4 during the final plenary session of the Baptist Border Crossing at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church in the Kansas City area.   The Baptist Border Crossing is […] Read More