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New Baptist Convenant

Former Vice President Al Gore challenged 2,500 fellow Baptists at a Thursday luncheon with prophetic zeal to take up the mantle of reversing global warming. Speaking to a luncheon crowd at this week’s New Baptist Covenant Celebration, Gore recalled words of an old Sunday school teacher who taught the purpose of life is to glorify […] Read More

Poverty and wealth are always about political, cultural and economic relationships, and Jesus announces that he will bring a new relationship to the poor. Jesus’ choice of biblical text acts as a declaration of purpose for his ministry. The term good news first appears in Luke associated with angelic announcements of the birth of Jesus […] Read More

Herb Reynolds envisioned nine years ago a forerunner of the New Baptist Covenant, a 2008 gathering of Baptists in North America. The former Baylor University president called his vision the Baptist Convention of the Americas. Missing from the accolades in news stories about his death last week is one of the most important matters that […] Read More

Following the announcement of “Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant,” several Southern Baptist leaders offered their criticism of the planned gathering and argued that Baptists do not have an image problem. Perhaps the SBC leader whose comments were the most off target was Richard Land, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. Speaking with […] Read More