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Neville Callam

The church, which is the creation of God’s Word and God’s Spirit, belongs to God. It is holy, and the holiness of the church stands in contrast to individual and communal sin. Historically, sin, which runs counter to the church’s nature and vocation, has disfigured the church’s witness. God the Holy Spirit enables reform and […] Read More

The Baptist World Alliance should not be understood as merely a group of like-minded people sharing a common heritage called Baptist. Nor should it simply be a space for networking by various autonomous entities that see real advantages derived from associating in this global Baptist organization. The basic reason for this is that BWA is […] Read More

In 1911, the Northern Baptist Convention and the Free Will Baptist General Conference forged a church union. This was perhaps the first example of organic church unity in the 20th century. Since that time, the resulting group has led the way, among Baptists in the United States, in developing and manifesting a positive ecumenical commitment […] Read More

William Thomas and Florian Znaniecki’s sociological classic, “The Polish Peasant in Europe and America,” is a study of the conditions of Polish immigrants in America. This exhaustive work illustrates how important it is to develop an accurate “definition of the situation” if we are to properly understand social reality. The same principle applies to responsible […] Read More

Even a cursory examination of the Bible will fill the mind of an enquirer with a panorama of virtues that can transform the landscape of human experience if they are practiced. One of these virtues is hospitality to strangers. The Old Testament contains many stories that reveal both the wonder and the joy of welcoming […] Read More

Many people believe Baptists are a fiercely independent people – not only as individuals, but also as congregations. One reason for this opinion is the impact of American Baptist theologian and former BWA President E.Y. Mullins who, in his 1908 “Axioms of Religion: A New Interpretation of the Baptist Faith,” controversially identified “soul competency” as […] Read More

For the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Oct. 31, 2017, will be a significant date on the calendar. Declared by the German parliament a nationwide public holiday, the day will bring to a close the EKD’s celebration of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting his Ninety-Five Theses on the door of the Castle Church […] Read More

Alexander Betts, a British social scientist and director of the Refugee Centre at the University of Oxford, emphasized the urgent need to rescue globalization from the neo-liberal agenda that is elitist and unmindful of the welfare of the entire populace. In his recent TED talk, “Why Brexit Happened – And What to Do Next,” Betts […] Read More

How does the church respond to the growing trend of popular protest against certain effects of globalization? What is the proper role of theologians? These questions reflect why it can be said that Steve Harmon’s recently published book, “Baptist Identity and the Ecumenical Future: Story, Tradition, and the Recovery of Community” (Baylor, 2016) has appeared […] Read More

Australian church historian, Kerri Handasyde, had an illuminating essay on “Harvest Thanksgiving and the Photography of Grace” in a recent issue of the Australian Journal of Liturgy. Arguing that Harvest Thanksgiving “rests at the junction of liturgy, nature and memory,” Handasyde presents an artful analysis of the Harvest Thanksgiving tradition in Nonconformist churches in Australia […] Read More