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NASCAR and the NBA are traveling in opposite directions on the issue of alcohol. Recently the NBA announced that it is bouncing alcohol sales in the fourth quarter in order to curb improper conduct. Apparently someone has put two and two together; the longer fans drink alcohol, the more unruly they become. Credit the NBA […] Read More

The Way of NASCAR

According to a recent National Public Radio report, several Democratic presidential hopefuls are looking for ways to reach a previously untapped source of potential voters that has been identified in the world of stock car racing. They have dubbed this potential voter group “NASCAR Dads.” This is not an insignificant group. NASCAR attracts over 75 […] Read More

The nation’s “Drug czar,” John Walters, has drawn sharp criticism from a pro-health organization for his decision to use a beer-sponsored race car driver to promote an anti-drug message. Walters, the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, chose Jimmy Spencer, a race car driver, to promote the ONDCP’s anti-drug message to American […] Read More