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For many years the image of a “melting pot” was used to describe the experience of immigrants coming to America. The expectation was that as people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and religions make their way to our country, a sort of American cultural crucible would melt away all the differences leaving one homogenous social stew. […] Read More

No sooner had the Indianapolis Star broken the story over the weekend about mega-church pastor Rick Warren speaking at the upcoming annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America than conservative Christian bloggers started barking their disapproval.   While Warren will not be the first Baptist to speak to ISNA, he will be the […] Read More

Straight from the ecclesiastical “Believe It or Not!” department comes the following headline: “Episcopal Priest Defrocked for Wanting to Remain a Muslim.”   According to a news story released by the Seattle Times, Episcopal priest Ann Holmes Redding professed her faith in Allah, reciting the ancient Islamic creed, “There is no god but God and […] Read More

Washington (BWA) For the very first time, permission was granted by Malaysian authorities for Christians to celebrate Christmas in the Muslim-majority country. John Kok, president of the Malaysia Baptist Convention (MBC) and senior pastor of Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church (KLBC), reported that KLBC “has been given the task to coordinate the public program, with the […] Read More

An estimated 50 million children in the Arab world woke up this Monday to an early Christmas gift–a new Christian television station with 24-hour program designed just for them. SAT-7 KIDS is the third channel offered by SAT-7, a Christian satellite network made by and for people living in the Middle East, and the first […] Read More