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I traveled in early September 2016 to East Africa for a Christian mission conference. The Kenya Airway flight from Liberia took me through Freetown, Sierra Leone, and Accra, Ghana, to my final destination, Nairobi, Kenya. Upon our arrival to Freetown, several passengers on board deplaned while ongoing passengers stayed on board. After the routine of […] Read More

A Muslim and a Christian released in early July a letter to hotel executives asking them to remove pornographic movies in hotel rooms – even if it cuts into a profitable portion of their business. “We write to ask you to stop offering pornographic movies in your company’s hotels. We make no proposal here to […] Read More

Efforts to evict the family of a Muslim convicted under anti-terrorism laws from their home amount to “collective punishment” and are deeply unjust, according to a local Baptist minister. Rev. Gary Serra di Migni is a minister with Urban Expression in Longsight, an area in Manchester, England. He is backing a campaign to save the […] Read More

An extremist Islamic organization took credit for multiple attacks in Nigeria on Christmas Eve that resulted in the death of a Baptist pastor and the burning of Victory Baptist Church in Maiduguri. Four bombs also exploded in Jos with estimates as high as 82 deaths. In a video posted last week on the website Saharareporters, […] Read More

Editor’s note: This is the second of several dispatches on the Muslim-Baptist mission trip to Tanzania. Read the first here.   A mosquito-repellent net now protects a Tanzanian family in which the father bears the Arabic name of Jesus, the mother bears the name of the Prophet Mohammed’s daughter, and their surname is the same […] Read More

Mayfield, Ky., my hometown, will have a Muslim prayer space after all. The city’s board of zoning adjustments recently reversed itself and approved a Somali man’s request for such a space, which the media and many townsfolk have been calling a mosque. “This is a good-hearted town,” Tom Waldrop, a former city council member, told […] Read More

A Ghanaian Baptist pastor told participants in a Christian-Muslim dialogue workshop at the 20th Congress of the Baptist World Alliance, meeting in Honolulu, that the Muslims in his city would protect Christians if troublemakers sought conflict with them.   “If you come to our city today and want to fight us, it is the Muslims […] Read More

Baptists still face state-sponsored religious discrimination, 400 years after the first Baptists sought religious freedom from the intolerant King James I of England, head of the Church of England.   One such place is the Republic of Serbia.   The Serbian government classifies Baptists as a “confessional community, which has considerably less rights than the […] Read More

Encounters between Christianity and Islam are increasingly common and complex, as members of both faiths increasingly live side by side.   When any faiths have to occupy the same geographical space, there is bound to be tension. For Christians and Muslims, the nature of their beliefs inevitably heightens that tension, as both are mission faiths. […] Read More

The burqa should be as accepted in American life for Muslims as the bolo tie is for Texas Baptists, the yarmulke is for Jews, the ornate cross-necklace is for Catholics and plain clothing is for the Amish.   The battle over the burqa, an outer garment worn by some Islamic women, has broken out between […] Read More