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Our walk with Jesus should lead us beyond satisfaction with personal peace and on a quest to bring greater peace to others. I was reminded of that truth by two classic country singers – George Jones and Merle Haggard. […] Read More

After 76 years of beautifully and powerfully singing her gospel to the world, Aretha Franklin, the “Queen of Soul” and daughter of a Baptist minister, joined the celestial choir. […] Read More

There is no walk of life, other than in a religious setting, where the term worship is properly used. We use it as a metaphor to try and express profound respect or love for another person – “He worships the very ground she walks on.” – but true worship is solely a religious activity, an […] Read More

Yahoo music analyst Paul Green’s Oct. 20 report noted that no platinum albums (1 million copies sold) had been released in 2014. The reason? “Today’s fans are perfectly content to stream their favorite music – and increasingly reluctant to buy it,” Green said. Online music services like Pandora and Spotify, which pay royalties to musicians, […] Read More

The celebration of Easter is just around the corner. Lillies will populate the sanctuaries, crowds will fill the pews and trumpets will announce the most unthinkable news in human history. It is a day of victory and celebration – and rightly so. Between now and then, however, lies the season of Lent. Many Baptists are […] Read More

A sermon by Randy Hyde, Pastor, Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, Little Rock, Ar. June 2, 2013 Note: As a part of the church’s Centennial celebration, today was designated as Organ Sunday. Our music worship was centered on the pipe organ, installed in the church in 1967. Psalm 104:24-34; Romans 8:18-25 Heather Wilson is a teacher […] Read More

What is the purpose of a choir during a worship service? Are church musicians even necessary for worship? Do they function primarily as leaders or as performers – or both? Music has always been an integral part of worship. There are more than 200 references to singing in the Bible, and it was common practice […] Read More

“It really is a logistical challenge every year, but fortunately we’re in Huntsville, Alabama, which is the engineering capital of America.” The logistical challenge mentioned by David Hull, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Huntsville, Ala., is the “Living Christmas Tree,” a special Christmas presentation put on by First Baptist Church every year since […] Read More

In 1991, Van Morrison released “Hymns to the Silence,” a two-CD tour de force that seems at least partly autobiographical.  Morrison’s folk-tinged and bluesy rock ‘n’ roll on this album, as across his whole career, has an indefinable “something” that carries him and his audience to depths of pain and heights of wonder. I often […] Read More

(RNS) Matisyahu, the improbable but undeniable reggae star, announced on Twitter on Tuesday (Dec. 13) that he is shaving the beard that has long marked him as a Hasidic Jew. Fans are confused. Is he giving up the Orthodox brand of Judaism he adopted 10 years ago, and the ultra-religious persona that helped launch him […] Read More