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Movie Reviews


‘Joker’ is the most successful R-rated film ever, winning Golden Globes and amassing 11 Oscar nods. However, this bleak and gritty origin story of the iconic DC Comics villain delivers a troubling depiction of mental illness. […] Read More

‘Just Mercy’

Based on the true story of a Harvard law graduate defending a death row inmate condemned for a murder he didn’t commit, ‘Just Mercy’ is a must-see film for everyone concerned about faith and justice. […] Read More

‘The Two Popes’

Much of ‘The Two Popes’ on Netflix consists of Pope Benedict XVI and pope-to-be Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio talking to each other. Neither one is portrayed as stick figures or cartoonish figures. They come across as real people. […] Read More


‘Parasite’ is the story of a poor family who embeds themselves into the lives of a rich family. Writer and director Bong Joon-ho’s film won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival. That begs the question: Why? […] Read More

A three-part documentary on Netflix examines the life of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. While viewers will see the tyrannical boss and ruthless businessman, they’ll also see his more human side, including a look at his philanthropy. […] Read More


‘Joker’ may be a well-acted movie but its realistic violence makes it difficult to watch. Director Todd Phillips’ film is not for everyone. Its attempt to be a parable of our times ultimately fails to achieve its purpose. […] Read More

‘Ad Astra’

While ‘Ad Astra’ is generating lots of Oscar buzz for Brad Pitt’s performance and delivers a solid message about father-son relationships, this sci-fi tale ultimately falls apart because of weak character development. […] Read More

‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’ is an outlier swimming in a sea of summer’s comic-book movies. It’s a fish-out-of-water tale about two young men. Neither has family, but they find family in each other. […] Read More

‘Toy Story 4’

In the fourth go-round in the adventures of Woody and Buzz and the rest of the ‘Toy Story’ gang, Woody helps a new toy, who believes he’s destined for the trash heap, find his purpose. […] Read More


Following up on his Oscar-nominated ‘Get Out,’ writer and director Jordan Peele returns with another horror tale. This time, an average family encounters four mysterious strangers who beset them. It’s another hit for Peele. […] Read More