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Mothers Day

Here’s to us. Those of us with less than adequate mothers. Who felt the pain of betrayal and loss. You chose to survive, to thrive and to love well. Congratulations on transcending your family trauma. Cheers! […] Read More

When Christian teens in the U.S. need guidance, advice or spiritual conversation, they seek out one person more than all others, a study found. Their moms. […] Read More

One opposed slavery and became an advocate for peace, another an advocate for clean and healthy living for all women, and the third wanted a time for reflection and gratitude for what moms should be. And they’re all Mother’s Day heroes. […] Read More

Mother’s Day is a day of joy and pain. Pastors and churches must realize that not everyone has the same perspective and experience. For some, the holiday is downright painful to celebrate. […] Read More

This weekend, Mother’s Day, while joy-filled for many, is full of anxiety for others. If you’re in the anxiety-producing camp, know I am with you. As I’ve shared elsewhere, I have Mother’s Day pain. It’s so hard to have complicated feelings about the mothers in your life. It’s so hard to have longings for children […] Read More

As a young boy, I had no idea the rarity of my experiences. When my mother decided to return to college in pursuit of a degree in education, she turned to my great-grandmothers and grandmothers to help care for me. Little did I know at the time, but these incredible, gritty ladies could be considered […] Read More

I’ve never met a mother who didn’t want her child to grow up to be a kind and loving person. But because my ministry often takes me to conflict zones, I’ve met many mothers for whom that challenge is unusually daunting. In recent years, I’ve traveled extensively in Israel-Palestine, learning from women actively engaged in […] Read More

To the couple struggling with infertility this Mother’s Day: You are not alone. As another struggler along the journey – someone who lived through nine failed fertility procedures and two failed adoptions in our family’s journey to become parents – I know how much this season of the year brings out ache. And even though […] Read More

There is an obvious void in the Baptist church when it comes to issues regarding sex and sexuality, which affects most directly women and acknowledgement of women’s issues. These include infertility, infant mortality, pre-term labor, prolonged bed rest, high-risk pregnancies, abnormalities of the fetus, lactation issues and post-partum depression (to name a few). Broader issues […] Read More

Many Baptist churches approach Mother’s Day the way many men approach Valentine’s Day – with fear and trembling. A day intended to honor mothers amid a sacred gathering of worship becomes a day of great anxiety navigating how to do this or if it should be done at all. Pointed questions emerge for the worship […] Read More