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People from all religious backgrounds blame their religious upbringing for the struggles they have with self-hatred and guilt. Such struggles can’t be blamed solely on religion. Moreover, that struggle is not always unhealthy. […] Read More

Many of our leaders seem to have lost the ability to cry for their people, to see human suffering and be moved to action. While both sides play politics, they are distracted from the tired, the poor, the jobless and the hungry. […] Read More

Is the moral example or the policy positions of a US president more important? A recent Gallup survey found the answer depends on which party is in power. […] Read More

Although many fundamentalists rail against situation ethics, they often do blatantly unethical things in a rule-based ethics but justify them given the circumstances. So when is it ethically OK to violate a rule? It’s complicated. […] Read More

Economic deficits have long-lasting consequences, but we incur an even greater moral deficit when we ‘trample the needy and bring ruin to the poor’ while favoring those who are well off. Will we choose to repair our moral deficits? […] Read More

Like a summerhouse with no doors or windows, in a garden with walls for shelter, our countries cannot build better futures with higher walls and narrower gates. You can’t build peace with the materials of a hostile environment. […] Read More

With three exceptions, liberals and conservatives have double-digit percent differences on 21 moral issues, a report said. Their greatest divisions were on abortion and gay and lesbian relations. […] Read More

Views on the morality of gene editing vary widely based on its intended usage, a report found, with 60 percent saying it was morally acceptable to use gene editing to prevent an incurable or fatal disease. […] Read More

Younger generations in the U.S. are more likely to see morality as fluid and changing, a new report finds, with the younger group being twice as likely to hold that view over older adults. […] Read More

Many college students have a split personality. Model students by day, they adopt an alternate persona by night that engages in risky behavior. What can fix the college-party scene? Theology, one author says. […] Read More