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Molly Marshall

An ancient practice that Baptist congregations and individuals have recently begun to embrace, the Lenten season is all about realism and renewal as we bring our lives before God for examination and deepened relationship. […] Read More

As we begin a new liturgical year, asylum-seekers are met at our southern border by soldiers and tear gas. If every congregation would commit to taking one family, the righteous work of hospitality could be done. […] Read More

Baptists – and other ecclesial kin – have been a bit suspicious of the Spirit. In a conference in a church in Missouri a few years ago, I asked persons to write down their questions about the Holy Spirit. One honest soul wrote, “Can the Holy Spirit make you do weird things?” It depends upon […] Read More

One of the persisting questions in theological interpretation is what actually happened to our forebears as sin entered the world. A long tradition speaks of “total depravity,” which means we are rendered incapable of any good as our wills are in bondage to evil. Others will speak less of an intensive view – as rotten […] Read More

It is fitting that Lent begins smack dab in the middle of Black History Month. Celebrating the heritage and contributions of African-Americans is always accompanied by grief and lament. There were and are too many black deaths, too much indignity and too little access. Color still trumps character it seems, and white privilege takes up […] Read More

I must confess: I rarely watch the Super Bowl. I am usually on a plane (with very few others, mercifully) when the big game comes on. I am used to hearing the score from pilots, and I always wonder if they are really watching in the cockpit. I am not a great football fan, far […] Read More

The “confidence gap” is one factor that contributes to the shortfall of women serving in leadership in theological schools and churches, but it’s a factor women can change, the president of Central Baptist Theological Seminary said. “Women tend to discount themselves,” seminary president Molly T. Marshall said. “If a woman looks at a job description, […] Read More

Preachers often avoid lectionary texts from Judges as they are not sure what to do with stories of violence (Samson), testing God (Gideon) and an ill-conceived vow to the Lord (Jephthah), to name only a few. It was a precarious time for the young nation as “there was no king in Israel; all the people […] Read More

Among some Christians you will often hear the aphorism: “Everything happens for a reason.” Really? How in the wake of hurricanes, internally displaced persons, floods, earthquakes and shattered infrastructures does one maintain this? It seems to infer divine intent in even the most devastating circumstances. The Bible does teach that suffering is instructive; however, it […] Read More

Violence erupted in a staid university town this weekend, and the symbolism of the white supremacists was startling. A Nazi swastika alongside the Confederate “stars and bars” was a mash-up, to be sure, and the U.S. flag was thrown in for good measure, as if all of this was mutually reinforcing. It is not; it […] Read More