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Mississippi, which proclaims “In God We Trust” on its license plates, is the most religious state in the US. Such a state should have a prison system that serves as the model for the rest of the nation. Sadly, that’s far from true. […] Read More

Lutheran and Catholic bishops voiced opposition last week to an Alabama-styled immigration bill in the Mississippi state legislature that the Mississippi governor has endorsed. “I am writing to you out of deep concern about House Bill 488, legislation modeled after the Alabama immigration law that is moving through the Mississippi state legislature. I am particularly […] Read More

WASHINGTON (RNS) The failure of the “personhood” initiative in Mississippi on Tuesday (Nov. 8) intensified what appears to be a growing divide in the anti-abortion movement. Some backers of the initiative, which aimed to make abortion illegal by defining a fetus as a person from the moment of conception, are pointing fingers at major anti-abortion […] Read More

Mississippi lawmakers dealt a defeat to the state’s Southern Baptists, voting Monday to allow floating casinos damaged by Hurricane Katrina to rebuild up to 800 feet inland. “We think it’s a sad day in Mississippi when money is placed over morality,” William Perkins, editor of the The Baptist Record, said in the Associated Press. “The […] Read More

Mississippi voters ended a statewide flag referendum last week, choosing to keep the symbol of the Old South, known as the Confederate or St. Andrew’s cross, as a dominant part of the state banner. However, the debate is likely to continue with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) threatening to boycott […] Read More

While opposing political camps are making last-minute plans to influence the outcome of the Mississippi state flag referendum on April 17, the Mississippi Baptist Convention has decided not to take a formal stand in the ongoing debate. Voters will choose between the current standard, which features the controversial Confederate emblem in the upper-left corner, and […] Read More

Mississippi legislators set April 17 as the date for a referendum to choose between the 1894 state flag and a new design. If the new design is adopted, the Confederate emblem currently occupying one third of the flag will be replaced by a circular shape of 20 stars, and the 1894 flag will become a […] Read More