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How can we best equip and disciple second-generation Africans for mission in non-African nations, such as Britain or the U.S.? A new book offers some suggestions. […] Read More

Following the launch of John Reader’s latest book, “Theology and New Materialism,” at Trinity College, Oxford, a group of the attendees continued to meet occasionally at the college to discuss some of the issues arising from the book, funded by the William Temple Foundation. We were particularly interested in how some of the ideas in […] Read More

When a congregation wants to become or remain healthy, one of the key questions it asks has to do with the balance between its internal and external focus. One excellent congregational exercise to help with this question is to gather a group in a large room. On one end of the room create an imaginary […] Read More

It seems that in some current literature and discussions, there is something of a competition as to which should be placed first: church, mission or discipleship. In this competition the order is important because that which is named first is posited as the prism through which the other two are to be understood and configured. […] Read More

Water is essential to the life of a fish, but the fish is totally unaware of the presence of water until it is no longer there. The same is true of us and the culture in which we live. When Christians do discuss culture, we tend to identify some negative aspects of our cultural environment […] Read More

Short-term mission teams are often criticized. Those who question this approach can cite plenty of evidence: projects left undone, harmful things said or done by volunteers, concepts of superiority and privilege that ooze from team members, undue stress created when demands of the volunteers exceed the capacities of the receiver, and on and on the […] Read More

May 2016 was the centennial anniversary of the Sykes-Picot Agreement between Britain and France. Following secret negotiations in 1916, Britain and France agreed on the new borders of the Middle East as they predicted the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I (1914-18). A third minor party to the agreement […] Read More

What drives your church? The questions we are asking and answering reveal what we are really about. All of us, individuals and congregations, are answering a set of questions through how we live. When it comes to church, there are driving questions behind and underneath every lay leadership team meeting, every staff meeting, every committee […] Read More

The primary motivation for philanthropic gifts was a belief in an organization’s mission for 81 percent of U.S. adults who donated in the past year, according to a Gallup survey. Only 8 percent of respondents cited tax deductions as the major reason for their donations. Other leading motivations were the desire to make a difference […] Read More

I believe there is nothing more significant that a Christian can do than introduce a fellow human being to the message and person of Jesus. There is no more important task for a local church than to help people discover and become faithful followers of Jesus. This is a task of truly eternal proportions. Yet, […] Read More